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Thread: The Lady's Prayer

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    The Lady's Prayer

    I received this in an e-mail and the author is unknown. It is patterned after Psalms 23:1 (The Lord is my Shepherd....)
    I think it's beautiful and wanted to share it.

    The Lady's Prayer
    Author Unknown

    The Earth is my Mother
    I shall not want
    Her hand brings forth the green pastures
    She tarries within the still waters
    She leads me in fields of fruitfulness for my Glory
    Yes, as I walk through the Summer of life into death
    I will not be afraid, for You are with me
    Your womb in the Earth will enfold me
    You prepare a harvest before me and bless my home with children
    You fill me with milk and honey
    My cup overflows
    Surely goodness and beauty will nurture me all the days of my life
    And I will become part of the Earth forever

    So Mote It Be!
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    I know this thread is quite old, but I found two variants on this prayer/style today and wanted to share:

    Our Lady's Prayer

    Our Mother who art everywhere.
    Hallowed be thy name.
    Through magick and love,
    Thy will be done On Earth,
    to make Earth - heaven.
    We thank thee for our daily bread.
    Forgive us our trespasses as we
    Forgive those who trespass against us.
    Let us see temptation for what it is,
    So that we may deliver ourselves from evil.
    For thine is the energy and the power,
    Tonight and forever.
    Blessed Be.

    The Lady's Prayer

    Our Mother,
    Who art in all places
    Blessed be Thy names.
    Thy presence be known,
    In all hearts thy home,
    Upon the Earth which is Thy body.
    Grant us this day,
    Our daily strength. Guide us through our karma
    As we embrace our shadows.
    Lead us not into power-over,
    But deliver us from ego.
    For Thine is the Light, the Dark,
    and the Love for ever and ever.
    So mote it be.

    Found at:
    Priestess of Avalon, Daughter of the Gods

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