View Poll Results: What do you believe exist?

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  • Angels

    81 64.80%
  • Demons

    69 55.20%
  • Ghosts

    113 90.40%
  • Faeries

    85 68.00%
  • Leprechauns

    43 34.40%
  • Vampires

    56 44.80%
  • Werewolves

    41 32.80%
  • Energetic Entities (not ghosts, but not on the physical plane either..)

    106 84.80%
  • Other

    65 52.00%
  • I don't believe in any of these things, and here's why...

    4 3.20%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Do you believe in...

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    Do you believe in...

    (check out the poll!)

    What sort of things do you believe in? Why or why not?

    ("Things" not being limited to the options listed in the poll... I'm sure I missed a few.)
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    Interesting thread,

    I am a bit of a skeptic but voted yes on a few of them to acknowledge the possibility
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    I voted yes for all of them. I don't believe every single story or sighting but I don't think that everything is a hoax. You need to be able to root out what is true when you read things on the internet but it shouldn't turn you into a hardcore skeptic either.
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    im a firm beliver in all the things i voted for.
    angels, demons, ghosts, faeres, vampires, wherewolves
    im not a die hard believer but i do believe that all these myths and legends are based on facts that have been twisted over time and that there are things in the world that can not be explained by science:

    like a corpse that had been deceased for over thirty years was still perfectly preserved and found to have freash blood flowing from its mouth. (this is a fact. it was investagated some years ago by doctors and scientists.)
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    I believe in Mothman.
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    I voted energetic entities and other. I believe there is a basis for all of those things, but what they actually are I have no idea.

    I believe there are mysteries.

    Did that make any sense?

    Let's just say I am agnostic in that regard, lol.

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    I think that all things could exist somewhere.
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    I voted yes to angels, demons, ghosts, faeries and energetic Entities

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    Quote Originally Posted by KageMori View Post
    i do believe that all these myths and legends are based on facts that have been twisted over time and that there are things in the world that can not be explained by science
    My thoughts exactly.
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    The only one I checked was ghosts. The others I don't believe in.
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