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  • Angels

    81 64.80%
  • Demons

    69 55.20%
  • Ghosts

    113 90.40%
  • Faeries

    85 68.00%
  • Leprechauns

    43 34.40%
  • Vampires

    56 44.80%
  • Werewolves

    41 32.80%
  • Energetic Entities (not ghosts, but not on the physical plane either..)

    106 84.80%
  • Other

    65 52.00%
  • I don't believe in any of these things, and here's why...

    4 3.20%
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Thread: Do you believe in...

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    where I choose...
    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos Hawk View Post
    I think that all things could exist somewhere.
    my thoughts exactly but I did not choose vampires or werewolves, I just dont believe in those at least on this plane
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    Quote Originally Posted by Astara Seague View Post
    my thoughts exactly but I did not choose vampires or werewolves, I just dont believe in those at least on this plane

    I did the same thing-
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    Hm, depends on what kind of vampire I guess. I know there are energy (psychic) vampires, but the kind that need the blood of others to maintain their own 'life', I just don't know about that.

    I haven't ever met anyone who really changed substantially during the full moon, so I suppose I believe in the possibility of werewolves but am waiting to say for certain.

    I do believe in ghosts, and have encountered a few in my life, mostly of the residual energy type.

    Yes, I believe there are spirits or energetic entities or angels or demons fairies or leprechauns or whatever - they are some kind of energy that is different from our own and go by many different names. Perhaps there are more names than there really are different kinds of entities?

    We had a small entity living with us for many years - we called him "Cousin Itt" from the Addams Family show because he seemed to be about that size and very shapeless the way Cousin Itt looked. My ex got "custody" in the divorce.
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    I voted angels, ghosts and faeries as part of me has always believed these are real... But I decided against voting vampires as I dont believe the blood sucking type exist, but as Lunacie pointed out energy vampires are a different story...

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    I believe in all of the above, except for angels and demons. I also believe in totem animals and animal spirit guides.

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    I am a hardcore skeptic, but (!) I did cross the chost and energic entity section. Not because I woke up some day and thought ghosts were cool (I seriously dont like them!), but because of some reason I think the buggers are attracted to me, in some wierd way. I used to live in a big apartment complex, as younger, and I remember always having to run down the halls to my friend, as it always felt like something was there, following me. And then last year, I moved to an older house, built last century (which I didnt know), and the artmosphere there was really creepy. I lived in the basement, and kept hearing wierd music, as in those small children jewlery boxes with the ballerinas spinning around inside.
    Oh, and the kid was crying every darned night. I hated it when my friend was not home.
    She never heard a sound of neither music nor crying. So she thought I was just wierd.

    So, a believer in ghosts, but not really anything else. At least not in the mostly used forms. I believe in psychic vampires, and human tribes that may use blood either as nutrition or in some spiritual way. I dont believe in werewolves, but I do believe in the male ego and their hairy backs. Somewhat the same thing :P Lol...

    Leprechauns or fairies, they really dont go well with the weather up here, in Norway. I think they would have frozen to popstickles. If there were such things, some kid would have caught one in a jar, and showed it to his parents, which would have sent it to some government organization a long time ago.. :P

    Edit: But that is just my way of seeing things. Goddess knows I have wished I was less narrowed minded :P
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    Well here are my beliefs. I don't believe in Angels and Demons in the Christian sense. There are stories of malevolent and benevolent spirits predating the Christianized versions of these beings. In short I guess you could say I believe in benevolent and malevolent spirits/being, but not angels and demons per say.

    Ghosts I definitely believe in and faeries and leprechauns as well. But as far as the fae and Leprechauns are concerned, I believe in them to be more astral beings than physical.

    Vampires? I believe in the psychic and sanguine type but thats it.

    Werewolves? I believe in therianthropy but thats as far as I go.

    Energetic entities? Yes but only so far as them existing in the astral.

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    I didn't vote for any of them, but the only two I flat-out don't buy are vampires and werewolves, and by vampires I mean the "undead-must-drink-blood" variety of folklore. I can accept psy vamps as a possibility, though I've never encountered one. Of course, my introverted, somewhat stand-offish, occasionally downright misanthropic nature might give me a natural resistance to them, or perhaps they've sensed that about me and just didn't think I was worth the trouble.

    Werewolves? No. I just can't believe that sort of radical shapeshifting occurs, at least in this world.

    I believe in entities I call guardians, but are they angels? Perhaps, but I don't think of them that way. The word "angel" just has too many Judeo-Christian connotations for me to be comfortable with it. I can accept demons as a possibility, though I've yet to read of an account of possession I think was genuine.

    The rest I'm either on the fence about or don't really believe in , but I'm open to the possibility of being wrong. In fact, I sort of hope I am.
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    I believe that anything can exist because well the brain is an amazing thing that we don't half way understand yet. I think if anyone on the planet really believes something exists, then it does.
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    I checked the last one because I don't believe in anyone of those things.
    My reason for is the lack of emperical evidence.

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