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  • Angels

    81 64.80%
  • Demons

    69 55.20%
  • Ghosts

    113 90.40%
  • Faeries

    85 68.00%
  • Leprechauns

    43 34.40%
  • Vampires

    56 44.80%
  • Werewolves

    41 32.80%
  • Energetic Entities (not ghosts, but not on the physical plane either..)

    106 84.80%
  • Other

    65 52.00%
  • I don't believe in any of these things, and here's why...

    4 3.20%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Do you believe in...

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    I can't believe this thread lived this long.

    Thanks for everyone that voted, voted and posted, etc.
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    Angels,demons, ghosts, vampires, energetic entities...reason? I have had experience of all of them, much as I would love to deny their existence.

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    I believe there are spirits of varying kind and that is based on my experiences starting when I was about 8.

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    Interesting poll. I voted yes for quite a few of them. I do believe in the paranormal, always have and always will.


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    I believe in angels and demons. Particularly, I understand the word "demon" in the original Greek sense - as in "daimon," an intermediary spiritual being that acts as a go-between between Gods and humans. Daimones can be good or bad - the Greeks called the friendly ones "agathodaimones" and the unfriendly ones "kakodaimones" - and in all actuality, angels are really just another type of daimon too. In particular, I've come to believe in succubi.

    I also believe in ghosts. I believe my Grandpa is still watching over my mother, even though he passed beyond the Veil almost two decades ago.

    I don't believe in vampires or werewolves like you see in the movies, but I do believe in blood fetishists, lycanthropes, and so-called "psi-vamps." Actually I'm good friends with an Asatruar lycanthrope who lives in New Jersey. He calls himself a "werewolf" but only in an ironic sense.

    I also believe in the existence of extra-terrestrials - but I doubt very much that they float around in UFO's, abducting people. At least, I hope they don't. And I really really hope that Time Lords are real.
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    I think vampires may be, if not the traditional Dracula-esque idea, I think there may be certain medical conditions, for example, that may make one behave in the ways traditionally associated with vampires. But I don't think I'd call that paranormal exactly. The others? I think some, or perhaps all, of them may exist, as ways that individual people interpret whatever phenomena or stimuli may inspire them. Some may see whatever it is that they actually do see as leprechauns, some as faeries, some as elves, some, who knows, as bunyips or yowies or some of the more exotic spin-offs. Whatever they are, I think they may indeed be real, but what people see them as, may depend. Some may see them as one thing, someone else may see them as something else.
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    It depends on the definitions of those. All of them are variable.
    For example, angel comes from Greek angelos, meaning "messenger". So, an angel in terms of a general messenger or agent of the gods, sure. But an angel as used in Christian mythology, no.

    Similarly, a fairy as a biological entity and humanlike creature, as commonly; but as a Celtic genius loci, like a Nymph that can take various forms, because of its semidivine nature...yeah.

    But, as I've said before on other threads- vampires and werewolves are right out. Loads of malarkey.

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    I voted Angels and I also believe in ghosts, fairies and other energies. I used to be sceptical but certain things happened in my life that I can't explain so I've come to the conclusion that they must be real.
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    Other: Little Gods, Terrestrial Gods, Celestial Gods, Shinma

    Little Gods are minor spiritual intelligences that govern individual trees, clouds, computers, et cetera. These differentiate from gods of entire forests, directional regions, celestial bodies or abstract notions.

    Terrestrial Gods are major spiritual intelligences that govern oceans, storms, mountain ranges, cities, et cetera. They usually form the head of spirit courts. City gods are likely the ones most familiar with humanity as far as the Terrestial Gods go.

    Celestial Gods are supreme spiritual intelligences that govern celestial bodies, constellations, and abstract notions such as health, war, or nature. They generally have a great deal of interaction with Terrestrial Gods, but not so much with humanity or the Little Gods.

    Shinma are somewhere between spiritual intelligences and transcending abstractions. They include the all-encompassing ideas such as "stuff exists" and "this stuff is different from that stuff" or "that stuff is over there instead of here"; in other words, they tend to allow for things to exist, to have differentiation, identity, location, et cetera. It's doubtful if they have any kind of meaningful interaction with Celestial Gods.

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    I cant recall if I posted in this or not..

    But I believe in a vast majority of things. ghosts, spirits, vampires, shifters, angels...etc and until someone shows me proof they don't exist I will continue to believe it is so
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