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  • Angels

    81 64.80%
  • Demons

    69 55.20%
  • Ghosts

    113 90.40%
  • Faeries

    85 68.00%
  • Leprechauns

    43 34.40%
  • Vampires

    56 44.80%
  • Werewolves

    41 32.80%
  • Energetic Entities (not ghosts, but not on the physical plane either..)

    106 84.80%
  • Other

    65 52.00%
  • I don't believe in any of these things, and here's why...

    4 3.20%
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Thread: Do you believe in...

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    Ghosts. Vampires. Werewolves.

    All 3 are more real than most would like to admit. I have absolutely no doubt that they exist. However, vampires and werewolves do not exactly exist in the way most people have heard. Blessed be.

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    I believe in angels, demons, ghosts, faeries, vampires, and energetic entities. I also believe in nagas, or semi-divine snake beings, and dragons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Selah View Post
    I believe in angels, demons, ghosts, faeries, vampires, and energetic entities. I also believe in nagas, or semi-divine snake beings, and dragons.
    Ditto, among other beings as well.

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    I put ghosts and faeries, mainly because of the possibility multiple realities and because of personal experience.

    As for vampires and werewolves:

    As much as I'd LOVE for vampires to exist...they don't

    And werewolves are just impossible.

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    I have experienced most of the paranormal stuff mentioned, also believe in aliens and sasquatch/yeti etc as for werewolfs not like hollywood, but there were many ancient cultures that believed in shapeshifting or practiced it shamanically. I personally believe that there are more strange things between heaven and earth than you or I could possibly imagine.


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    I do not believe in any of those things and here's why; there is not logical or rational reason to believe in those things - Lex parsimoniae, Occam razor, do not multiply the entities unnecessarily. Even the most complex of "mundane" explanations for supposed supernatural experiences are a hell of a lot simpler than trying to posit an entity that violates the natural laws of the universe.

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    I cast a vote for ghosts and energetic entities. I also clicked angels and demons, though I hold a kemetic interpretation of those.

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    I choose to believe they all exist, or existed at some time; there's just so much that no one living can attest to. Experiences became stories told, stories became myths, and myths became legends. So IMO, there has to be some truth to them.
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    I believe in a lot of things. And I think that leprechauns are a type of faerie. They don't have wings, but they have the same basic background as other faeries. Angels are a definite yes.
    However, I don't believe in evil things like demons. That's just too evil to be true. I don't believe in the devil either. Vampires, the bloodsucking kind anyway, are just another ridiculous invention. But I believe that there are psychic vampires that drain you of physical and psychic energy. Werewolves are nonsense to me.
    And of course there are ghosts! But they are the spirits of the dead and are only as bad or good as they were in life. None of them are totally bad or totally good, because no living person is ever totally bad or totally good. Those that say they are are just lying or they are incredibly spiritually unbalanced.
    Also, I don't really believe in aliens. UFOs are a different matter, but strange things from other star systems are impossible. If aliens existed and they wanted to contact us or abduct us or what-have-you, they would have done it already. And if they still want to contact us, the nearest star system close to our solar system is light years and light years away, so far away in fact, that it would take centuries for any being to get here even if they did have the ability to move at hyperspeed.
    Anyway, there are a lot of things that do exist, but some are too far-fetched to be real...
    But I don't condemn others for what they believe, so if you believe in everything and the things that I personally believe are extreme impossibilities, go ahead; it's not for me to tell you what to believe.

    Cheers everybody, and I hope that I haven't missed too much after being away from MW for a while.
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    I don't believe in any of these things. There's no evidence for them. I do think they have a lot to say about the human psyche, though.

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