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Thread: Runic tattoos

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    I am still waiting to find a suitable tattoo artist to do mine and of course the money. I have actually settled on the one Rune and the design because it is the one that has spoken to me for years and continues to make itself known to me.

    When I actively studied runes I used to scratch and cut them onto my skin with a knife or a razor. Kinda brutal and frowned upon but it made me really 'feel' the rune. And I've got some cute Thurisaz scars on my right thigh. Lol :D
    I have one rune scar on my finger and that was totally accidental, but still considering the rune it is it did make sense at the time why it appeared.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick View Post
    Attached you should finsd a couple of bindarunen, bindrunes. The first is a bind of Sowilo and Tiwaz; this combination is known as SigTyr... Sig is the German name for the Sowilo rune; it's also German for victory. It is the rune sung under the shield's rim for protection...

    That eleventh I know, if I am to lead
    Old friends into the fray:
    Under shield-rim I sing so that swiftly they fare
    Hale and whole to and from battle:
    Hale where’er they may be.
    Havamal 156:1-5

    Of course, Tiwaz for courage should be obvious. These two together make an ages-old bindrune for victory, courage, and protection in battle.

    The Trefot bindrune is comprised of three Laguz runes. Laguz is the rune of the emotions. It's also the rune of spirituality and the psychic self. I think this one fits the bill for love and insight.
    I can't download the attachment with this post. Is there any other way to get it? Thank you!

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    Yes I have rune tattoos.
    The only thing that sucks around here is a straw.

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