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Thread: Altar location advice.

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    People have been disguising altars as other things for many years. Mine could easily pass as a pretty table display, except when I'm doing spells on it. I've got a glass table covered with river-tumbled pebbles, a couple of candle holders, crystals, etc. It looks like tasteful interior decorating.

    My grandmother burned those Catholic candles with saints on them and I never realize until I was older that she was practicing witchcraft. I just thought she was a religious fanatic.

    It's pretty easy, I think.

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    Let me know what you come up with <3 I'll help however I can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mystic_zoe View Post
    I totally agree! in my opinion you dont need an altar and the tools that go with it in order to worship etc. you can do it wherever you feel is sacred to you!
    It's quite commendable to internalise the altar and have no need for a physical one. Usually this is achieved through several years of practice. Some will continue to need a physical altar.

    Especially when starting out, physical altars and rituals will help tuning the mind. Once the mind can tune at will, we can move on. Up to that moment, any advice to do without will have come too soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xentor View Post
    Especially when starting out, physical altars and rituals will help tuning the mind. Once the mind can tune at will, we can move on. Up to that moment, any advice to do without will have come too soon.
    I quite agree. Besides, throughout a Pagan journey, an altar can be a handy place to keep tools you like to use in ritual and spellwork, and a handy "key" to entering the sacred mindset. By sitting down at your altar you can prompt your mind to let mundane thoughts go and focus on what you want to do. And as Xentor points out, especially so when you don't yet have the strong visualization and meditation skills to keep a steady mental altar in place.

    Sure physical stuff is not needed, but it can definitely be helpful.
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    I'm sorry about your parents.

    You could have an alter hidden in a drawer that gets pulled out and used, then just simply pushed back in when you're done. Or a game board that gets folded up when finished.

    Some MWers have really good advice on everyday things for altars, and they don't look suspicious at all. Good luck!

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    Have you thought about an altar-in-a-box? Some people have a small "travel altar" that goes with them on vacations and business trips and the like. Something similar could work just as well as a permanent set-up; an altar doesn't have to be big to be effective.

    A hollow book would work well, too.
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    I used to lay out my altar over a trunk that I kept in a small closet. When I wanted to use it, I just opened the door. I was literally "in the broom-closet"! But something similar to that could roll under your bed, or be assembled when you need it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AromaticFey View Post
    Thank you, everyone. All of these ideas were helpful.

    I especially like the idea of having it in a book shelf. I have six small shelfs next to my stairs and one of them would definitely work. :]
    I have no need to hide anything and even I use a bookcase. The top shelf is for honouring my goddess, next shelf down is a healing altar, and the other 2 shelves are for books etc. The bookcase idea is very VERY practical and in a situation like yours is so easy to disguise

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    Everyone has come up with some great ideas. I am another one that uses an "altar in a box." I have a cigar box that I have attached different symbols to. I decorated the outside and included a candle, a stick of incense and a few stones and shells.
    I currently do this because of space limitations. I did this when I was around 18 as well because I didn't know how my parents would take it. Turns out they didn't care and they knew all along what i was doing

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    Wow what awesome advice all. Also hun if your not vocalizing your new path to your parents or acting any different around them they probably wont nose too far. Just trying something new, bored of the same old look of your room? Maybe even move your bed and dresser. But maybe Im over thinking it tee hee.
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