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Thread: So you want to be a pagan!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheddarsox View Post
    When I was in grade school, the school library had a series of books about careers and the titles were all "So you want to be a ......." And I thought they were hilarious.

    So, as a "new" pagan...what attracts you to paganism?

    As an "old" pagan, I am curious about how paganism is seen and what aspects of it are catching the attention of people and making them study it or choose it as a life path.

    How did you learn about it? What made you think "THAT is for me!"

    I'll share my experience a bit later, I don't want to color anyone's responses with my own.

    Even if you are not so new...feel free to answer, there had to have been some "hook" for each of us that made us hungry for more.

    Hah, I don't know what classifies someone as an 'old' pagan or a 'new' one, but I'll play along. :D

    I first 'discovered' paganism at the school library in Jr High. Honestly, I can't remember why I kept reading into it. Probably the guy I was dating :P

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    I was always interested in some aspects of paganism but wasn't allowed to study it. Teachers and family tried to convince me that it was really silly. As I aged I never really forgot about it and just recently starting looking into it again. I think the fact that people tried so hard to convince me that it was evil or stupid is what drew me to it. I didn't understand how something so amazing could be hated so much. I used to be ashamed for believing but now I am proud of my beliefs. I still hide it from my family and some friends. It comforts me. I hope that one day I can find people to talk to and build a community of friends who understand.

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