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Thread: So you want to be a pagan!

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    I was interested in the ideas when I was a kid, found out it all had a name and beliefs to them later on.. :P

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    I came to it because I used to run rampant through my local libraries and bookstores and read anything and everything that caught my eye. I found the "new age" section and started reading.
    Then later I met people who actually knew about the substance and practices of Paganism, and I just never left.

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    A few things led me to paganism.

    I've always had premonitions, for one - and the church didn't have an explanation for that and didn't encourage psychic development.

    For two, I did a creative visualization thing that was recommended in a book. You write down what you want as if you already have it. So - I did it and it worked! It was amazing!

    Then, one day I "remembered" that I used to be a witch in a past life and that my female ancestors were witches. I can't describe it - it was like I suddenly just knew, and I got images of it.

    Of course there are other things as well.

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    I read an article about it once and didn't think much about it. But it was sort of infiltrating my mind. I sort of joked about becoming a pagan to a friend once, but after they didn't take it the least bit seriously I wrote it off again. A few months later I read another article, felt all full of chills and decided that was it.

    I dunno, I just sort of knew the first time I read that it existed. It took me a while to come to terms with that but still. I had to argue with my boyfriend to prove to him that it isn't evil and now he's very supportive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheddarsox View Post
    When I was in grade school, the school library had a series of books about careers and the titles were all "So you want to be a ......." And I thought they were hilarious.

    So, as a "new" pagan...what attracts you to paganism?

    As an "old" pagan, I am curious about how paganism is seen and what aspects of it are catching the attention of people and making them study it or choose it as a life path.

    How did you learn about it? What made you think "THAT is for me!"

    I'll share my experience a bit later, I don't want to color anyone's responses with my own.

    Even if you are not so new...feel free to answer, there had to have been some "hook" for each of us that made us hungry for more.

    "Old" Pagan here. Was born into a "craft" family and taught the traditions of the family. When the family became too dysfunctional and I was placed into first group homes and then foster care, the traditions allowed me to keep my wits when so many around me were losing theirs. Passed it on to my own kids and some of them stuck with it and some of them didn't. The traditions were the only consistancy in my life for much of my life.

    I didn't have a specific moment where I thought "this was for me"; it was what I was born to, raised with, and kept me semi-sane. It gave me "reason" for the unreasonable and "sense" for the senseless. It worked for me from the earliest memories I have, and I don't fix what isn't broken.

    Though I studied other paths, I never found the cohesion and comfort in other paths that I found in the traditions of the family. How could I? Our trads are a part of me, created by my elders, my age-mates, and even my children. If I ever need a sense of belonging, I need look no further than my own altar.

    What made me hungry for more was the dysfunction of my childhood family. I collected everything I could get from the family about our trads. When we couldn't talk about anything else, we communicated through and about the traditions. Though we are scattered all over the globe now, in the collected writings and objects of our traditions, we are together and in harmony. Over the years, the best of our natures is preserved in the collection, while the worst in our natures gets treated, outgrown, or left behind.
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    I was first introduced to it by my husband, before he was my husband. He was afraid to tell me his beliefs (even though I didn't follow any religion not did my family) but he figured I was already pregnant and couldnt get to far away.

    For the first 10 years of my life I was raised catholic, the church, the classes, the whole 9 yards. Then suddenly my dad said "We are not going to church anymore, if you want to go we will take you, otherwise you can sleep in". At 10 I was a girl who loved to sleep!

    As I got older I communicated with Spirit, and was happy with that. I did (do) not like 'organized religion', and I attempted to interpret the bible myself but it is a hard read and didn't keep my interest.

    In college, I took mythology and loved it. I took a 'world religions' class and loved it. It never mentioned 'paganism' that I recall, but it solidified my belief that there is no one 'right/true' religion. Althought there was still no spirituality in that class that called to me. So I kept my relationship with Spirit that I had already formed.

    When my husband finally opened up and told me what he believes, I knew instantly that this is for me. This is exactly what I have been waiting for to find me.

    The biggest pull for me is the energy work, and that you are encouraged to be a positive thinker. I have always believed 'to think is to create', and now I had a spirituality that worked with that. It really comes down to, it 'fit' me. It agreed with everything I already knew/felt to be true in my heart.

    btw, I'm a newb.

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    Paganism for me

    When I was a kid I always had what i believe to be prophetic dreams. They were very realistic and almost always lucid. I frequently dream in color which I have been told is unusual but I don't know that to be true or false.

    Anyway, what drew me to Paganism was when my older sister got a few books on Wicca and I couldn't stop reading them. It didn't really stick for her, but I was fascinated. That was 7th grade, and I have been reading about many forms of paganism ever since, and just recently (about 2 1/2 years ago) found the path that spoke to me. I knew it was for me because it fit with all my preexisting thoughts and beliefs. My sister still likes me to lead a samhain ritual for her each year.

    I am still studying in my craft and still learning more every day. I signed up for this forum to gain even more understanding and to meet people of like mind.

    Blessed Be!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thyself View Post
    When I was a kid I always had what i believe to be prophetic dreams. They were very realistic and almost always lucid. I frequently dream in color which I have been told is unusual but I don't know that to be true or false.
    I always dream in color. I wonder if it's really true that most people don't, or if people just don't remember their dreams well enough to remember the color.

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    I've always had an affinity for the darker taboo things.
    As a young elementary school kid I was looking for books on ghosts and witchcraft - NO idea where I got the inkling from but it just stuck.

    I've also had premonitions and have foreseen events in dreams.
    I ended up leaving a church youth group after admitting (and proving) this fact.
    They were scared, some thought it was a 'gift from god' others thought I was demon possessed - things just got strange after that.

    I was always deeply connected to animals and nature so that side of Paganism appeals to me as well. I seemed to have an innate knowledge of edible and medicinal plants from a young age as well.

    After a lot of searching and thinking basically I decided I just wanted something private to myself, something more than church on sundays and major holidays.

    Something that made sense.

    And this is what made sense to me.

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    You're all probably going to think this is silly, but...I first became interested in paganism when I was about three feet tall and I saw the original version of The Mummy from 1932 for the very first time. You know, the one with Boris Karloff. I figured I wanted to be just like Ardath Bey when I grew up (except maybe not quite so dusty), so I started reading books about Egypt. That was when I first learned about Set, and I don't know how to explain it, but something just clicked. It was like Set was holding an invisible vacuum cleaner to my brain and one day, He just turned it on. After that, it didn't matter what I was watching on TV or listening to on the radio or learning about at school - it just seemed like it was all tied to Set somehow. I remember when I first discovered Alice Cooper I thought to myself that this guy was really "Set-ish," since he's kind of like a Trickster who prances around on stage, alternating between being a rebel anti-hero and a Grand Guignol villain, and singing about chasing after women. Even though none of his songs were really about religion (at least, not in those days), his music (and other music like it) became sort of like my version of gospel music. Of course it scared the bejeezus out of all my friends and family that I would listen to it (not to mention the fact that I was praying to a pagan god), but most of them eventually got used to it. Those who didn't, well, they pretty much just stopped being friends with me.

    At some point during all of this, I eventually started calling myself a Setian. And of course, nobody has really ever known just what in blazes I'm talking about. ("What's a Setian?" is usually the initial response.) That was many, many years ago, and it's been a wild and wacky adventure ever since.
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