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Thread: How long did you 'study' for before starting to practice?

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    How long did you study for before starting to practice?

    (sorry if theres a thread about this already)
    I'm kind of new to all this. I've been drawn to paganism and wicca in perticular for years but due to various reasons never pursued it until a few weeks ago i decdied to ignore those reasons and go for it and 'find myself spiritually' as it were.
    while i don't know exactly all i beleive so far most of my beleifs lie within wicca of some form while going into other paths as well.

    but i dont know if any of that really ahs anything to do with anything lol.

    so how long did you study your path before you became a practicing pagan/witch/what you call yourself?

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    Er...about half a year or so. I started researching Neopaganism in April or so of '07, and started looking closer at Wicca late that year. I finally self-dedicated as a Solitary Wiccan in early January of this year.

    Might seem a bit quick, but I learn fast and absorb new information very quickly.
    And even so, I don't practise actively. I've never done a real ritual, in the usual sense.
    I'm more of a theorist.
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    That was 18 years ago, so I don't remember exactly. I think after a few weeks of getting together and talking every weekend and doing some reading during the week, our leader had us jump straight in and start doing all kinds of things. Everything from metaphysical energy type exercises, to casting group spells, trying to astral project, trying past life regression, right on up to putting together and leading a ritual. It was a small group and except for the leader we were all very new to this path. I happen to be the kind of person who learns best by doing - or at least trying - so it worked out very well for me.
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    I started to practice long before I ever cracked a book or held a conversation with anyone about these things.

    I would go out at night and dance with the horsemen of the stars. I would sing to the rising of the sun. I would commune with the waters as I swam in rivers and lakes. I would enter the fire as it burned in the grate. I would sail with the clouds. If I wanted something I would will it and speak it and more often than not it would happen. I would create around me what I called a bubble and none would approach. ...and so on and so on and scoobie doobie do...

    Now I have read and trained and covened and ritualed and fested. I have come full circle. These days, my most powerful, most meanful stuff is done alone [with a couple of wonderful exceptions]. Of course, there may well be other days!

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    I sort of started practicing right away. I decided that I was going to be a pagan in early December a year and a half ago, and did a winter solstice celebration that year. I didn't think it would be that good to just keep reading because I'm the type of person who would get trapped in that and end up just looking at paganism in an intellectual way rather than as a religion to practice. So I've just been adding things as I feel comfortable enough. I'm only just now starting to do magic (and only minimally) more than a year and a half after beginning to study, because I've only just now started to feel like I have enough of a grasp to do it.

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    I am still gathering information so I can maybe start practicing soon... thinking about it. I understand.
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    I have been studying for 10 years and still feel weird about rituals and "practicing" so it all depends on how you look at it i guess.
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    I studied for two years solid, so from eleven to thirteen. I began to practice with runes around the age of thirteen, but I don't recall doing any other rituals. I was probably fifteen or sixteen when I first did a full-fledged ritual. I still prefer study to practice, though, and most of these past eight years have been dedicated to reading everything possible.
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    I guess I always practiced I just didnt know I was...
    but after finding out that Wicca is a real thing and not evil :giggle: as everyone said it was I guess I studied for a little while with books and stuff then found a mentor who helped me with everything Id say 6 mths or less then I was on my own
    but its hard to be certain it has been a very long time...
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    I trully can't say whether practice led me to study or study led me to practice. What I practice has changed and evolved over the years to such a degree that it blurs the line between where one stage commenced and another ended.

    Even the catalyst that inspired those changes is blurred into a composite that is undefinable outside the stage I stand in today.

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