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Thread: How long did you 'study' for before starting to practice?

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    None of us come into it cold, I mean, we have all of our lives prior to that moment, all that is a "study" of sorts, that has led us to the place where we begin to act on it...practice it.

    So, whether one reads, has a mentor/teacher, joins a group, self dedicates, or whatever...everything they've read, heard, lived and experienced in their entire lives has really led them to that point, has informed them and inspired them to make the next move.

    I didn't know paganism was an option. I just knew I couldn't go on living as I had been. I didn't know there was a name for what I believed, or that other people believed it too, I just started right where I was, living what I knew...and the more formal stuff came later.

    And I have gained so much here by being an active member of this community, by letting my ideas get bounced around, commented on, by joining in discussions started by others, by taking risks, speaking my piece, letting the experiences and words of others move me, change me, challenge me.

    Studying is part of practice, not just what you do before or besides practice. It's all part of the same thing.
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    My so called path(I dont fit exactly into anything in particular) doesn't exactly have any study to it. My base is study needed nor useful.
    I just flow with life as I find myself to be.

    Not all path have a need for study, especially one that is original and your own.

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    Hmm it may not have been the best approach but I just dove right in. I was so excited that I couldn't wait to start. I still feel that excitement sometimes.

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    I started practicing about the same time I started studying. My sister introduced me to wicca and had me join in some of her coven's rites. (This was apparently after I cast a curse on someone, not realizing that magic really was real. I was very young at the time.)

    I'm not wiccan now (the closest label to what I am is "witch) and don't believe in 'practicing'. But I won't go into that here.


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    About 2 years ago, there was a period when suddenly bad things started to happen to me, a pure bad luck pouring over my head, no matter how good I was to the world. I believed in just karma before then. After a surface search about what was happening, I found out that I was hexed by my old housemate.

    As I was new to the subject, I didn't want to cast a spell to reverse the negative effects, so I asked her if she did something like that and she confessed, saying the same were happening to her too but she made it continue just because of her rage. I requested from her politely to stop and she did. That was when I started studying.

    It took like a year of studying and information collecting about paths, rituals, good and evil sides and ethics before I started practicing. As I'm living in a Muslim country, it is hard to find a mentor around here. So I had to learn all the ethic part of the craft before jumping in the scene. After like 11 months, I started my Book of Shadows and 1 month later I started casting.

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    I began practicing witchcraft when I was 7 years old, and did spells and things for many years before I learned anything about Paganism. So, when I learned, then I started to study the variety of information surrounding it (history, theory, practice, ritual, etc...), and continue to this day.

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    It took me a few weeks before I decided to practice way back in April of 01 and went in full tilt.
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    I've felt drawn to Set all my life, but it wasn't until I was in high school that I really began to understand what this meant. I first started reading about Egyptian culture and religion when I was seven years old or so. (Hard for me to remember my exact age at the time, I just remember I was definitely under ten.) But at that time, I was only reading archaeology books, and ones written for youngsters at that. I had no idea there were people in the world today who still believed in worshiping the Netjeru, although I really wished that there would be.

    I didn't start learning about Neopaganism until sometime during my last year in junior high school. As you can probably imagine, I was shocked to learn that there really are people today who practice ancient religions (or rather, contemporary applications of ancient religions). I started studying Wicca, Druidry, Heathenry, etc. But what I really became interested in was the Church of the Eternal Source, because they were into the Egyptian stuff and I've always thought their view about it is pretty sensible. I never actually became a member though.

    About three quarters of a year later, during my first year of high school, I finally decided to start worshiping and praying to Set. It was about half a year later that I started practicing full-blown rituals. So I guess the long and short of it is, I'd been studying for most of my life before I started practicing - and I've still been studying, ever since.
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    I'm a bit of a hodge-podge-y mess. I was raised kind of religious-less, but was always very into Nature. I went through a strongly Christian phase when I was about eleven, came out of that with more questions than answers, wandered for a few years, and was smacked down into the midst of a very "confused" (let's be polite) group of "Pagans". Considering that one of them was my then-boyfriend, I didn't have a whole lot of choice in the matter of learning energy work and all that jazz. There wasn't much spirituality to the whole mess, though. Just "past life" fables and "psychic attacks" and stupid group politics. It was more of a mini-wannbe-cult than any kind of spiritual group. I was caught up in that crap for a couple of years, until I pretty much called it all quits. And other issues came up in my life, that were far more important than playing energy games with someone.

    Spirituality is what I am learning to this day. And I don't mean "past life" regressions or "psychic attacks" on other people or myself, or various forms of divination or energy work... no. I'm focused on the spirit-ness of things. Learning to recognize the spirit in everything, learning to work with energy again, basically starting all over.

    So did I study before I jumped in? Not at all. Would I recommend it? Oh honey, I don't know. My experience is so falked up in so many ways that I wouldn't recommend it to ANYONE.

    I can see how the best way for some to learn would be by doing, and for others would be by theory. I'd say, go for your particular learning style. Contrary to popular belief, if you're a newbie small-fry, you aren't going to be able to Destroy The World (tm). So do what you feel is right. Just be honest with yourself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AutumnSage View Post
    (sorry if theres a thread about this already)
    I'm kind of new to all this. I've been drawn to paganism and wicca in perticular for years but due to various reasons never pursued it until a few weeks ago i decdied to ignore those reasons and go for it and 'find myself spiritually' as it were.
    while i don't know exactly all i beleive so far most of my beleifs lie within wicca of some form while going into other paths as well.

    but i dont know if any of that really ahs anything to do with anything lol.

    so how long did you study your path before you became a practicing pagan/witch/what you call yourself?

    I started loosely doing little rituals and attending rituals held by a local group pretty soon after I finally decided that I was "pagan"- I say "pagan" because at the time, I didn't have any particular beliefs or know where to look, all I couldreallu find was vaguely Wicca-flavored generic neopaganism, which I knew wasn't "it", but I made do with what I could. It took several years until I found a regular religious practice with an ADF grove after living in a new city for a while, and through ADF, discovered Hellenic reconstruction, and pursued an interest in that at the same time and finally came to the point where I am now, part ADF, part Hellenic polytheist, somewhat reconstructionist, mystically-oriented.

    It took a while, but it was more because it took that long to find the right thing than having anyhting to do with it being too soon.
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