I thought I would list the books I have written. They are:

Hammer of the Gods: Anglo-Saxon Paganism in Modern Times
It is a handbook for the practice of Anglo-Saxon Heathenry It covers the Gods, rites, and beliefs.

Germanic Magic: A Basic Primer on Runes, Galdor, and Spa
This is a beginner's book serving as an introduction to Heathen ideas on magic. It is very much a how to book.

Þéodisc Geléafa "The Belief of the Tribe": A Handbook on Germanic Heathenry and Theodish Belief
This book covers Theodish Belief a branch of Germanic Heathenry related to Asatru. It is a fairly indepth book on Theodish Belief, but some sections are of use to any Germanic Heathen. It is my favorite of the books I have written.

I have also written numerous articles and maintain a blog which I try to post in weekly.