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Thread: What practices & beliefs do you associate with "New Age" ?

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    I don't think of New Age in terms of specific practices and beliefs. Much like Neopaganism, which it was influenced by and has in turn influenced over the years, it has its roots in Theosophy and the Western Occult revival of the 19th and 20th centuries. They have too similar a set of practices and ideas for me to really differentiate and characterise over that.
    Instead, I think of "New Age" as an attitude. It's decidedly more urban than the somewhat agrarian and pastoralist attitude paganism theoretically espouses. Perhaps when it started up, it was an attempt to take neopagan and occult ideas and apply them to a very modern, arguably postmodern, setting: the contemporary city or suburban neighbourhood. But it has morphed into what I see as an attitude of irresponsible eclecticism. When I think "New Ager" I think of the kind of person that mixes watered-down, westernised Hindu mysticism, Greek classical elements and astrology, "crystal healing," and Amerindian folk beliefs with no regard for the historical and cultural context in which those things originated. It's irresponsible, and arguably insulting to the culture from which those pieces are drawn. Overall, it feels like a very shallow and insincere approach, concerned with the trappings and appearance of spirituality and depth rather than actual effort.
    I also associate it with homoeopathy. Which really is the nail in the coffin, for me.
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