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Thread: Jahova's Witnesses read all please

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    Quote Originally Posted by savian
    Well I have to say that if you are happy with them good for you. I wish I could be the same. My father became one of them out in Cal. when I was 13 or 14. He talked to me for about 1 year then he told me that I have to make a choice. It was either change to his belief or he doesn't talk to me anymore. That was the last time I have ever spoke to my father. I have heard that not all are like that but for me it is hard not to have that dislike towards them. I know I should not be that way but it happened at a time when my father (who was never around when I was younger) and I where starting to get close. I hope that I will be able to forgive and forget and it is starting to happen but I am now 31 and it is a slow process for me.
    I was dragged into the JW's when I was 13 by my mother....the year she spent in it (and me by default) was one of the worst years of my life. They scared me to death, and I spent years untwisting what I was taught. It also ostracized me from the other kids at school to a point that nothing could change things. My stepfather had nothing to do with it--he refused, and that's one of the few things I give him credit for.

    Thank gods my mother got out before we cut off everybody. The neighbors across the street had been married close to fifty years when the wife got into the JW's and they ended up divorcing after all that time because her husband refused to convert and the JW's forced her to choose between them and him. I have no love for the belief system, either...

    I tend to not have trouble with door-to-door folks though, because I keep a sign posted on the door that states:


    SALESMAN: We donít want what youíre selling.
    SELLING MAGAZINES: We already subscribe to the ones we want.
    FROM A CHURCH: We *really* arenít interested. Donít bother.
    PASSING OUT PETITIONS: Weíll sign them at the grocery store.
    TALKING POLITICS: We vote and have our politics all figured out.



    If people ignore it, I point to the sign, ask "Can you READ?" and shut the door. I've gotten a LOT of smiles on that one when delivery men come to the house and our landlord loves the sign.

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    You know I've never once met a JW

    They don't come around here, I don't know anyone who is one either...


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    I have a friend that is a Jehovas witness and we get on great what i dont like is the fact that they knock on your door and try to get you to take the watchtower and talk to you about their faith I for one would not even contemplate knocking on someones door telling them about my religion.....This is my space my time and if I wanted to be told about this i would go to their place of worship and do it that way.
    I usually tell them im a hedgewitch and they just look at me and walk away....The same i do to sales people tell them im not interested...

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