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Thread: To me it's not a IF there is life elsewhere. It's WHERE is there life elsewhere?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiberias View Post
    Huh? Could you elaborate on that a bit? I mean, I know we don't exactly have paleolithic basilicas popping up on digs every day, but there's certainly some evidence of Neanderthal ritual activity (the burial at Shanidar, for instance).
    The Shanidar site offered an example of one set of remains out four to have evidence of flowers sharing the man's grave. Whether or not it was ritualistic is impossible to tell, though it is unlikely as there was no ritualistic treatment or arrangement... one theory speculates the man was a healer of some sort and was buried with his medicinal flowers; or the pollen was carried into the grave by borrowing rodents.

    The closet thing to Neanderthal ritual activity was their strange habit of defleshing their corpses some cases - though the likelihood here is cannibalism.

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    I have no idea how many other life forms may be out there among the stars. I couldn't even begin to guess.

    I just think that it would be conceited to think that we are the ONLY intelligent life in the universe. It could be possible... but I don't think it is probable.
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