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Thread: Sleep Paralysis - "I couldn't move"

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    I shall check it out!
    To sleep, perchance to dream

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    I still get it every once in a while. I don't mind it too much, it just irritates me. Last night I woke up to get a drink, went back to sleep, and...yeah...I was like, "for goodness sakes!" lol. I find if you just calm down and drift back to sleep, things settle down. So if it happens to you, just relax. Don't struggle or you'll just stress yourself more.

    Though I did dream I floated to the living room Yeah, floated! I didn't even use my feet! I wish I could float. sigh.
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    I began having sleep paralysis since my teens. It started with just not being able to move, but then it escalate to hearing a high pitched sound, kind of like white noise every time before it happened.

    Later in life it got even weirder, to the point where I one morning felt a creature moving close to my head. It felt small, like a cat just going on about his business, I could hear the rustle of the bed sheets and the mattress sinking under it's weight. It didn't feel evil at all although it got startled and ran away (like often cats do) the second it realized I knew it was there. Needless to say, I own no pets.

    The last time it happened it was a few months ago, I felt a suffocating pressure on my chest and heard something angrily growling at me. I mentally told it that I wasn't scared and that it should go away. I woke up by relaxing and letting the paralysis end on itself.

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    I've only ever had this one, a few months ago. It wasn't particularly scary, but I woke up (or at least, I was in a stage of semi-consciousness; enough to be aware of my surrounding and such, but not wide awake) on my back and found that I couldn't move at all. It was less that I felt crushed and more that I felt a very heavy restraining weight - crushed, to me, implies more force to the weight and a touch of panic on my end. I have no idea why I said it, but I started addressing something in the room and saying, "GET. OFF." several times (which was easier said than done, given that even my wouldn't open) very angrily and I kept saying it until I fell back asleep. It was a fight to do that much, even. I woke up feeling fine, if rather perturbed.

    It hasn't happened since, and I was not particularly stressed or in a stage of emotional upset around the incident. I'm a bit puzzled as to (a) why I randomly had that incident, and (b) who the devil I was talking to, if anyone.

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    My problem with sleep paralysis was never so much the "night hag", or "demon" that haunts me. I get physical pains to a degree where it feels as if someone is clawing through my chest and tearing the insides out. However illusory it may be (as is the entire world itself, really ), it is very much real whilst experiencing it.

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