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Thread: A society without gender?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morred View Post
    What would a society of a race (think of it like aliens or whatever) look like that is not divided in male and female but has only one single sex?
    Would there be less conflict or would there be new issues arising? What do you think?

    Impossible to tell... there is still dominance issues, territory, greed, aggression... and many more.

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    Gender is a means of categorizing and discriminating between Self and Other. It is an entirely social construct and is by no mean static across cultures. The presence of three genders is not as uncommon as you might think, and there have been observances of either five or six elsewhere. Because gender is a marker for distinction, you can't have one, it's either zero or at least two.

    What you can have one of, however, is biological sex. We like to think of these as a binary due to the necessity of a human male and female union to reproduce. This duality is actually false; there are at least three biological sexes that express themselves in humans, with various arguments for four and even five. However, due to the longstanding theory of two sexes, outliers that belong to these other possible sexes are forced to conform to the male/female sexual identity (again, talking about biological sex, not gender).

    With all that said, removing all markers of gender and sex, there would be no assurance that conflict would no longer be present. We only have to look at segments of our own human population where these markers are homogenous to realize this (prisons, the military, etc), however this might also not be entirely right because these populations are still a subculture of the culture at large which includes heterogeneity.

    Regardless, considering the prevalence of cannibalism in human society and other living organisms, I think it is safe to say that there really wouldn't be that much of a change. The conflict and problems of society would still be there, they would just manifest themselves in a different way.

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