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Thread: Recommended Herbal Books

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    chinese herbs

    i was shown this website recently
    and shortly after made a trip to chinatown and stocked up...
    they have some great information on the site and some of the herbs have amazing properties. and they are so cheap too, though they taste pretty bitter (though in holland we say bitter in the mouth good for the heart!!)
    love and light!!

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    My personal favorites:

    Magical Herbalism, and Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham

    Wylundt's book of Incense. Invaluable!!!!

    Audubon Society's Guide to Wildflowers

    Best place to buy herbs: Penn Herb in Philadelphia. Great stock, very affordable, they ship anywhere.
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    My favorite must be Coulpepper's Complete Herbal And English Phersician.

    This book is my herbalist bible it has a complete overview of all the herbs and their uses and has guides to preperation of all things including paltesses and eye baths. I also have a wild flower spotters guid so that I can go wandering in the woods collecting wild flowers for use as Coulpepper advises. I also have a few other more up to date herbalist books that I use to help me understand the old English that Coulpepper wrote in.

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    I too have the Master Book of Herbalism by Paul is fantastic for beginners...and next on my list Is Grieve, and Culpepper..and I don't recall mention of Gerard's books of herbs...I don't know what the title is, but he is referenced in afew herbal books also! Good stuff! Thank you for the extra info on other books too!
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    one of the best herbal books i ever read is
    Wise Woman Herbal; Healing Wise by Susun Weed.

    She only writes about 7 plants but she does so in a most imaginative way. she is inspiring and full of knowledge on some of our most common weeds like dandelions and nettles.

    and of course i too chime in and agree that Culpeper is indispensable in any herbal library.

    my interest with herbs are mainly medicinal so i can't say i really trust a book like Cunninghams. His books are really good if you are into doing incense and oils though.

    the most important book in my whole collection is of course a really good Botanical Flora by Ursing with good hand-drawn images and notes on how to identify plants. i do prefer the hand-drawn images to photos myself since i find them clearer to use while i am in the woods foraging.

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    For Herb Cardening:

    I recommend, Bud, Blossom & Leaf: The Magical Herb Gardener's Handbook by Dorothy Morrison. I borrowed my avatar from the cover!

    Spiritual Gardening by Peg Streep, shows various types of garden, including aromatherapy garden, Celtic Garden, and Feng Sui garden. The photographs are absolutely incredible.

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    Susun Weed's "Wisemoan Herbal: Healing Wise". A definite must for all the wisewomen out there. And her "New Menopausal Years" for any crones or would-be crones! :D
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    I second the vote for John Lust's "The Herb Book" all my years of reading, it's been the clearest, easiest to understand, and most comprehensive.

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    I'm a big fan of Beyerl's "Master Book of Herbalism," too. The other of my favorites for actual practical use is one my wife brought to our bookshelf when we got married: "Hygeia, A Woman's Herbal." I think it's out of print, but it's a critical book for women who use herbs. For example, while most herbals will tell you that pennyroyal is an emmenagogue and abortifacient, there are lots of other abortifacients that are seldom mentioned.

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    I've seen mention of Paul Beyerl's 'Master Book of Herbalism' but I also wanted to recommend his Compendium of Herbal Magick which I just bought this past weekend. It's similar to Cunningham's 'Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs' but is more detailed.

    I also like Herbal Rituals by Judith Berger.
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