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Thread: Recommended Herbal Books

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    If you buy ONE book this summer, buy THIS one!
    *coughcough* erm what I mean is, this one's my favourite by far.

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    I love The Herb bible as well as back to Eden. I have an old copy of the latter. It was also reccomended by the Naturopathic doctor I took an herbal course from. He heads the naturopathic depatment of a local hospital.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NebtAnhai
    "Herbally Yours" by Penny C. Royal.
    The reason is she is complete enough for a scholar Herbalist, but easy enough to read for a student. She mixes some great formulas together and gives you several options for he same ailment. I highly recommend this book for anyone who practices herbal remedies.
    Yes, "Herbally Yours" is a great book. My copy is well used.

    Another great one is "The Encyclopedia of Healing Plants" by Chrissie Wildwood.
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    a wiccan formulary and herbal by a.j. drew!! its so wonderful!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lavender
    I thought I'd start a list of herbal recomendations here. If you list a book, please give an explanation why you would recomend it.

    If you want to discuss the pros and cons of the recomendations, please start a new thread.
    I have found that Paul Huson's book Mastering Herbalism was a good addition to my herbal library, I liked that he wrote about many different areas where herbs would and could be used from basic culinary uses to more esoteric witchcraft uses and even he gave recipes for such things as herbal perfumes and incense.

    He also offered up skin care and other *beauty* tips and even tips on growing your own herbs and gave a list of suggested retailers to purchase from if that proved to be to difficult a task. All in all it was a very well rounded book and I use it for many different purposes.

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    My all time favourite herb book is "Witchcraft Medicine: Healing Arts, Shamanic Practices, and Forbidden Plants," by Claudia Muller-Ebeling, Christian Ratsch, and Wolf-Dieter Storl, translated from German by Anna Lee. It's loaded with info on the European tradition, tons of folklore, history, and information that is useful if you know what you're doing. It takes a few digs at Wiccans' modern flying ointments that are made of "safe" herbs and the like, and doesn't provide recipes, correspondences, or spells (thank the gods). What it does do is much, much better. I love the historical research, the info on the hedgerow, the dead, witches' salves, the gardens of Hecate, Medea, and Circe, and the drug legislation rant at the end. The only part less than thrilling was the section on witches in art, contrasted with Mary, but even that wasn't too bad. This book would probably be more useful to a hedge witch or someone on a "shamanic" path than someone just looking for a list of Wiccan-style correspondence tables.

    Other good reads are Dale Pendell's "Pharmako/Poeia: Plant Powers, Poisons, and Herbcraft" and "Pharmako Dynamis: Stimulating Plants, Potions, and Herbcraft." They are odd, poetic, rambling and utterly wonderful, though definately not for everyone.

    Also of note: "Botany in a Day" by Thomas J. Elpel, "Weeds Heal: A Working Herbal" by Isla Burgess, and David Hoffman's "Complete Illustrated Holistic Herbal," if you bear in mind that it isn't complete, that the dosages all are the same, that the latin names are out of date, and that he recommends mixing herbs in petroleum jelly (gross).


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    Smile Herbal Books-Magical and Non-Magical

    Magical Book:

    1. A compendium of Herbal Magick by Paul Beyerl, Phoenix Publishing
    -It lists the lore and usage of each herb. Its a pretty good book.

    Non-Magical Books:

    2. The Herbal Medicine-Makers Handbook A Home Manual, by James Green, The Crossing Press
    -This book talks about everything you need to know on herbs and how to grow them and how to use them for medicial purposes
    -Talks about oils, lotions and the like.

    3. The Herbal Drugstore by Linda B. White and Steven Foster MD. Signet Health.
    4. The Green Pharmacy by James A. Duke PHD. St Martin's Paperbacks
    5. The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook by James A. Duke PHD. St Martin's Paperbacks

    All of these books are pretty good, if you want to learn about herbs and there uses in both Magick and Medicine.

    Hope this helps you all,


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    Sir, I believe Mandoon is dry humping the pagan.
    Anything by Susun Weed!
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    Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss has a wealth of info about herbs, as well as recipes for making tinctures, liniments, etc. Also some interesting food recipes. It's pretty old and you need to sift through it because some of his ideas are fairly radical and not entirely sound. But on the whole, I recommend it. The index alone is great - you can search by the name of the herb or by the condition you're interested in treating.

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    Jude's Herbal Home Remedies by Jude Williams and anything by Ellen Evert Hopman

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