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Thread: Males in Goddess-Only Witchcraft

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    Quote Originally Posted by FiresSong View Post
    To each their own, baybeh. I certainly can't tell you how to walk your path. :D

    No, and the funny thing is... Most of my life as a Witch, I let others tell me how to walk my path... Hecate finally had enough and stun-gunned me and told me to grow up and make decisions for myself...

    The path I'm on now has been around for years, but because I was too busy listening to other people and not Hecate, I kept running circles until I said, "Enough IS enough... It's my time to be who I am and do what I know I need to do."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meisopomenos View Post

    I know that the Feminine Mysteries may be hard for men to understand, but considering I'm gay, I think I can relate a whole lot more. (Straight men can too, if they accept the feminine aspects of themselves.)

    What do you all think about men who worship the Goddess, and the Goddess alone?
    An old thread, but I'm 'new' to the forum.

    Well, I'm straight and pray to the Goddess exclusively. My explanation is, from my perspective, simple: All life on earth, with an exceedingly small number of exceptions, is created by the female of the species. So, from my perspective, the Creator of All Life on Earth, if She has a gender, would probably be female.

    Regarding balance, it's a question I struggle with, but 'feel' like 'we' are the balance. We, the creation, are the 'seeds' that help further Her creation. At least, me being male, this is easy for me to say.

    Since joining the Pagan path, my focus has changed several times. But, through the changes I've always felt comfortable in praying to and honoring Her.

    On the path to peace is where I find Her, She shows me the way there.

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