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Thread: A Few Questions About the Craft

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat View Post
    Wicca has no official creed. Certain traditions might, but as a whole it doesn't.

    I believe in neither reincarnation nor the Summerlands, nor any other version of an after life. Of all the Wiccans I know or have known, only 2 believe in an after life. I'm aware of a Wiccan creation myth, but its only that--a myth. A story. I've never met a Wiccan who didn't subscribe to a scientific theory of the origins of life and the universe.

    You only know of 2 wiccans that believe in an afterlife? I find that a little odd. In my experience, I have met many Wiccans and most of them (if not all) did believe in one. Anyway, as far as the creation story thing goes, most Wiccans that I know tend not to focus on the creation of the universe but rather on the universe itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HolyDiver777 View Post
    Do all Wiccans believe in reincarnation? Or is it okay for one to believe that you only have one life and you can pass on to the Summerland afterwards?
    Most Wiccans believe in reincarnation. The usage of the Summerland concept in Wicca is meant as a "rest stop" so to speak between incarnations. Of course, there is the possibility that there are some that don't view it this way. But most believe in reincarnation, yes.

    What exactly is supposed to happen in the Summerland? Do Wiccans believe that everybody goes there like Christians believe everybody goes to Heaven or Hell, whether or not you are part of that religion?
    See above.

    Scientists believe in the Big Bang theory and that humans have evolved. Christians believe the man God created us and the earth. What do Wiccans believe created us and the world?
    Most Christians believe in the scientific explanation for the origin of the universe and life. Heck, the guy that developed the Big Bang Theory was a Catholic monk.
    Wicca generally fits with the scientific explanation of the universe, especially when one takes quantum physics and string theory into consideration with the concept of magic.
    There is a Wiccan creation myth, and the Sabbat lore follows a mythic cycle centring on the Lord and Lady. But they are just that- myths and stories to relate the universe to the gods.

    I read in a book by Gary Cantrell that when Wiccans call upon a pantheon god or goddess, they believe the god or goddess is a facet of the Lord or Lady, not that the pantheon actually exists, rather it's just an idea. If so, is the calling of these gods and goddesses necessary? Could you simply call upon the God and Goddess or does calling on a pantheon make the ritual stronger?
    This all depends on the individual Wiccan practitioner. There is no set theology, though generally it is polytheistic. What you described is "soft polytheism", which is fairly common throughout Wicca. And, yes, you are correct that one could theoretically just invoke the God and Goddess, which is a road taken by many soft-polytheist Wiccans.
    But that is just one of several polytheologies that can fit in Wicca's system. I am, for example, a hard polytheist, meaning that I view every god (or at least most of them) as individual entities.

    But, Wicca is more of an orthopraxy than an orthodoxy; there is no one right creed of theology or belief, though the practices at least imply certain core beliefs and values.

    Also, in the same book by Gary Cantrell, I read that Wiccans believe in The All or The One, and from that comes The God and Goddess, and from that comes the pantheon gods and goddesses. Is this what all Wiccans believe, that there is a main force, and then the God and Goddess?
    Generally, this panentheistic notion of an All that encompasses all existence, including the gods, is a common belief in Wicca. It's also probably one of its earliest beliefs, as Gardner took a lot of theology and symbolism from Hermeticism, which is very panentheistic.

    Also, is the belief in the God and Goddess real like that of the Christians' belief in their God, or are they only symbols like the pantheon gods and goddesses?
    Generally, yes, Wiccans do view the gods as real. And as I said earlier, not all believe the pantheons to be just symbols of the God and Goddess.
    Though there are some that view the gods as just symbols and archetypes of a more pantheistic divine force, this theology is considered more to the fringe of Wicca and is not very common.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HolyDiver777 View Post

    What exactly is supposed to happen in the Summerland? Do Wiccans believe that everybody goes there like Christians believe everybody goes to Heaven or Hell, whether or not you are part of that religion?
    There have been some very insightful answers here already. I just wanted to note that there is some disagreement in Christian scholarly circles about the meaning of certain words from the early biblical texts - as to whether there was a belief in ressurection or reincarnation. I suspect that opinions on this were just as varied in that time and place as they are here these days.
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