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Thread: need help with my first spell.

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    need help with my first spell.

    Ok im am merely a few days away from my first attempt at a spell. I have a wallet that is attached to a chain that I clip onto my belt. This wallet has a pentagram on it, when I first saw it even without having to put any sort of spell on it I just felt like I -should- have it. Hard to explain really, but now everytime I have it with me and attached to my person I just feel more -connected-. Im not sure if thats normal but for me thats just how I feel about it. Like a Christain that has a cross that they never take off. Ive had it for a month or so and I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to put either a luck/fortune spell on it or a sorta protection spell on it because I always have it.

    What I had planed was to use an atheme to -trace- the pentagram that is on it, light the appropriate candles, and recite a small prayer.

    I already know about using the phases of the moon, the right candles, the right day, and right time of day. (all things I learned from old lessions that I found on this site btw)

    So basicly im asking for any tips one could provide me so that my first attempt can be a safe and prosperous one. Thanks

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    It sounds as if you've already got it all figured out!

    Spells are very personal, and it seems you have a good general idea of how to go about it!

    Are you going to write your own blessing or prayer?

    I would do this ahead of time, and make sure you will remain uninterrupted for the actual blessing of the wallet.

    Do you have an altar set up to do this on? Any plans for using the Elements in your spell?

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    Don't forget to cast your protective circle first. Astral nasties love newbies (an affectionate term, mind you.) because they haven't developed their ways to ward them off... and they can gather all kinds of energies without being fully able to direct it. (don't worry... the circle and good grounding will fix that for now) Be sure to cast your circle before you start... and afterward, take any excess energy and push it into the ground. then eat a little something... particularly if it's a bit salty... like chips/crisps. (yeah... not the most healthy... but the salt is the key and unless you want to just eat a bit of salt... they're the way to go) That will help ground the energies swirling in and around you.
    By the way.. no.. none of what you've said sounds weird or strange... I have a ring I feel the same way about...also with a pentacle.
    You'll do great in your spellwork!
    With love, light and blessings,



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