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    Unhappy Stress

    Recently my life has been pretty much stressful (who's isn't?). It's mostly my job, it's stressful in itself, but what's worse, when I come back home I can't "turn off" and forget about everything, I think about it 90% of the time.

    I was wandering what kind of things do you do to fight stress?

    Blessed Be

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    Radocs Guest
    I listen to and or play music on whatever instrument I happen to pick up. Video games help too.

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    Sammath Naur

    I don't want to sound like Jack La Lane, but

    EXERCISE! Hot, sweaty, strenuous, sometimes dirty, exhausting, taxing; followed by a hot jacuzzi. When we are sedentary, we retain toxins in fat cells that need to be released, or they cause all sorts of problems, especially psychological stress. Sweating and exercise kick start your metabolism, gets your circulation churning, and cleanses you of those toxins. Stretching out and Hatha Yoga are gold as far as relieving stress. We also retain a lot of stress in the muscles as knots and stiffness. 45 min of yoga is better than 2 hours with a masseuse, and the relaxation is priceless. Taking a good B vitamin complex is a good idea. If you live in an area where you might suffer from Light Deficiency Sydrome, vitamin C is a great help. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. If you are tired, this will energize you. If you have insomnia, you will be able to sleep. That's just the physical. For the mental side of stress, there's zen meditation.

    If the eye never sleeps,
    all dreams will naturally cease.
    If the mind makes no discriminations,
    the ten thousand things
    are as they are, of single essence.
    To understand the mystery of this One -essence
    is to be release from all entanglements.
    When all things are seen equally
    the timeless Self-essence is reached.
    No comparisons or analogies are possible
    in this causeless, relationless state.
    ~Hsin Hsin Ming by Sengstan, 3rd Zen Patriarch

    Free yourself. Blessed Be.

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    Gwion, great suggestions! I definitely agree with the exercise (though I'm _really_ horrible about actually doing it!), and the Vitamin B.

    As for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), a really good full spectrum lamp or light box can do wonders. I don't think I actually have SAD, but I am very affected by the decrease in light. The time change in the fall nearly kills me every year! Last winter, my parents bought me a high-lumins lamp and I turn it on ever morning for about 30 min while I'm eating breakfast and getting ready for work. You are supposed to look directly at it every so often. It's great! (and some of my plants love it!)

    That's not specific info for stress, but I thought I'd comment on it anyway.

    *tap* *tap* Is this thing on?

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    How do I solve stress? By exploding! lol...a bad alternative, however. *hides his bad temper and tendancy to lose himself when he's stressed out*

    Actually, good alternatives I try to use are: yoga, dance, exercise, music, teas, and vitamins. I love herbal teas and take vitamins, so these are easy lifestyle additions for me. I am a dancer and practice yoga daily, so once again, I just add a little extra something to make it more enjoyable. Music helps me A LOT. I try to choose songs that relax me and make me feel happier.

    Meditation doesn't work for me when it comes to relieving stress. I can't meditate if I'm stressed...I just flip out and mess up my energies. However, some people find astral travel and meditation a good method to handle stress. To each their own, however.

    Aside from things that tend to relate to my metaphysical side... Colours can really affect your mood and disposition. Try incorporating more bright colours (yellows, greens, pinks, blues, reds) into your surroundings to create a more energized atmosphere.
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    When I am stressed, I try to go down and walk with my horses, but my favorite thing to do is to drown myself in my art
    I leave the t.v. off, especially in the mornings. If the kids didn't have a fit, I would not have a t.v. at all. Of course, the good ole' HOT bubble bath always works for me:D
    Treat yourself to one if you can...light a candle or two (or 12) and pamper yourself! You deserve it!

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    As a single mom I am rarely (if ever) completely alone.

    I have 3 very personal times in the weekdays that is mine alone. After I drop everyone off for school bus and daycare, my lunch hour and leaving the office.

    I try to use my morning ride in to the office to relax and meditate on a positive and productive day. I play my reiki cds and enjoy the morning traffic of those who are in such a hurry to go nowhere. My lunch hour I just take a drive, enjoy the quiet of my rock music at full blast and singing at the top of my lungs. On my way to pick up the kiddies I do one of two things... on a bad day I scream at the top of my lungs until I am laughing. On a good day I pop in a comedy CD I have and laugh my way on the drive.

    Either way I pick up my kids in a good frame of mind. We then spend an hour at the park chasing bubbles, playing soccer, trying to catch dragonflies or just exhausting ourselves in general.

    Once home we all light our personal candles and a candle for the day. As a family of 4 it can be any candles imaginable. Raising my children on a wiccan path allows me and them to be stressed and do what it takes to rejuvinate our chakras every day.

    It has been over 8 years since I was on my own, but I do remember just coming home after a stressful day, attacking my stairclimber to full blast Ozzy and moving on from there.

    Stress is not only emotionally wearing but physically wearing as well. Try different things, excercise, meditation, yoga, just casting a circle and calling for peace, a punching bag maybe ( I have a friend who comes home every night and beats her problems for an hour), try anything and everything and when you finally sit back relaxed, you have found what works for you!

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    Excerise is great to relive stress.
    And so is just being outside.
    Letting the wind blow stress away from you.
    Listen to the rustling leaves.
    Feel the raindrops wash the stress away.
    Sit under a tree. Let the stress flow through you and down into the earth.
    Build a bon-fire and sit there into the wee hours. Picture the stress as a strong hot flame, and watch it fade into the embers and turning into ash that is blown away by the wind.

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