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Thread: "magical" cleaning house

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    "magical" cleaning house

    I rent a room. It's fairly large, as rooms go, but it's just one room. The people I live with know I'm pagan but they don't "approve" (they don't say anything on the other hand. It's just as well as it came be.) They tend to be quite negative people and I knwo some of that seeps in.

    I'm looking into ways to clean my space and sorta block their energy (keep it out.) I realize this'll be an on going project. I was wondering if ya'll have any ideas? I can't sage the whole house - they'll find out by the smell. x.x I'm not sure how effective saging just one room is though.

    Any thoughts?

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    where I choose...
    well if you have some essential oil you can spray it or put it in your regular cleaning can also wear certain EOs as perfume...the herb works but the oil is stronger..

    you can also use sea salt and burn white candles
    if you have a potpurri you can put together a bunch of "protective and positive" herbs

    many stores now a days have scented soaps and shampoos and stuff that are also infused with herbs

    and one of the biggest things and the hardst things is not to catch their attitude..put up your sheilds and keep them well fortified
    when they pass negitive your way turn it around to postive
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    You can smudge and shield just the one room easily, but you will have to do it anytime you start feeling the "gunk" seeping in. You can also sprinkle vetiver around the edge of your room, especially near the doors and windows. Mirrors are another way to deflect the negativity. Place small mirrors facing outward on each wall of your room.

    And I agree with Astara that the hardest part is indeed, dealing directly with attitudes. Definately start building up your shields.

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    I would get a houseplant, maybe a fern, & charge it for protective or blocking energy. Put the plant on a table in your room by the door so that as the door opens the plant "blocks" negative energy.

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    Do you have any crystals, particularly clear or even black quartz, or hematite? Those will deal with negativity in their own distinct ways, and I use all three.

    Clear quartz is kind of the ... multipurpose panacea sort of stone. It will purify and cleanse things, as well as charge and energize. You can use it to clean your own aura or help with blockages or other issues with kundalini, and it can cleanse stones, as well as amplify their attributes. Clear quartz can be "programmed" to do pretty much anything you want it to do.

    Black quartz is ... something else. That one is a heavy duty sort of cleanser. If you really need to get rid of something, I'm a believer that this stone will do it. It is an ultimate cleanser in that it'll almost annihilate any trace of whatever had previously existed. I use it for anytime I feel a desperate need to get some sort of burden lifted, or some sort of negativity "banished." But, I've learned from experience that one must be careful in how often or how much one uses, because it can start draining in a way that won't be helpful to you...

    (In fact, when not in use, I keep it doubly wrapped in purple paper and shut up in my storage chest. Don't want its power "running wild," so to speak.)

    Hematite does a great job in absorbing negativity, and it can help ease up some stress. But, after a long time, even with regular cleansings, there's a very good chance it'll end up shattering or otherwise breaking at some point. The reasons may be two-fold: 1. hematite cleaves easily due to its actual, chemical makeup; 2. it'll have been doing this job for so long, it'll wear out.

    Even if you don't have any of those, you can get all of the above for fairly cheap/affordable prices, especially if you bargain hunt.

    All the other posters' suggestions are very good ideas, too. :]

    I can also add that meditation, if you don't do it already, can at least help you with coping. You can always go to a "happy place" if you're feeling overwhelmed by their negativity.

    ETA: Forgot to mention windchimes and the like. Those are supposed to clear out some bad energy and allow chi to keep circulating properly in places. I have myself have a little set of windchimes above my doorway.
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    I'd also use a singing bowl. That's something you can do in the whole house, and they'll never know. It will change any negative energy to positive, as well as draw more.

    First though - you should do a cleansing meditation, end with a shielding - put up a shield that feeds on negativity, that way any negative energy makes it stronger - and then, when no one's home go through with the singing bowl.

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    Hang a mirror that faces your door to bounce negativity back out the door.
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    I'd go with Toki's suggestions.

    Don't use scented things. If you were living alone, by yourself, and not in a complex with multiple units I'd say go for it. But if any of them has any kind of sensitivity to scented products....well, lets just say if it were me sharing the building with you, the negativity would go up a thousandfold due to the pain you caused me and have absolutely nothing to do with spiritual beliefs. Scented products be they oils, perfumes, anything, can hurt some people very badly.

    Personal sheilding is good. Visualization.

    Charging of stones....if they act suspicious of stones....heck, just everyday objects.

    Coat hanger: may all negativity be hung up on this hanger and not move beyond.

    Door: Visualize a negativity-removing sieve or shield right in the doorway.

    Magnet: Draws all negativity to it to be purified and removed.

    Container of salt: May the salt draw and purify all energy. (Just leave it in the shaker, nothing special). Or, when they aren't there sometime, just make a rinse of salt water and rinse the floor while visualizing a protective, purifying shield coming up from it.

    Lots of possibilities. Be creative.

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    I would put up a little guardian of some type. I made one in my own room of an empty Kali glass candle, filled with a mixture of salt and Fiery Wall of Protection oil, set on a little shelf facing the door to repel/absorb anything that tries to get in.
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    Bad Vibe Breakers

    There are so many wonderful ideas in this thread!

    I have a friend who is allergic to incense and my honey has difficultly tolerating different scents. In addition we rent so in case the landlord drops by to make a repair I try not to use anything that they might consider "funny" smelling. My friend who is allergic taught me to use bubbles like you would incense to dispell negativity and bring joy into the home. I go around the whole area blowing bubbles, as I blow I fill the bubbles with all the joy I wish to fill my home with. When the bubbles pop the negative energy in the house is broken and the joy is released into the house. My son, who is two and a half, helps me with this ritual. He goes around with me breaking the bubbles and his laughter while doing so helps to raise the energy in the house.

    I also mix some lemon juice with salt and invision it sucking up all of the negative energy in the entire house. I sit with the container meditating on this image for a while and then I leave the bowl sit for a day or two continuing to break up the bad vibes then I dispose of it in running water.

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