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Thread: Your significant if you please! :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonBreath View Post
    how many people here are in a serious relationship? i've been with my boyfriend Nathaniel for over 4 years now. Our anniversary was back in December. Here are some pictures of him and I together
    You 2 look very very happy together and definitely are a very hot couple, congrats :cheers:.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas View Post
    Myself and miss Sacredsin.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sacredsin View Post
    You you you..jerk! You couldn't put up any better photos? Is this payback? Put up better photos mister! I'm going to put those pictures up you hate now! Hahahahah!

    ETA: Mr. Nicholas my squishy (hubby) haha. And I'm in one.

    Awesome thread btw! I LOVE posting pictures of Nick!
    Cool pics, you can tell you're both very much in love, although I will Nick, looks a lot better and really hot in his photos, I'm guessing that was his intention!.

    Quote Originally Posted by Skylar View Post
    Me and my fiance Jake Reign. We have been together for a little over a year and are getting married on November 14th!!!! I'm so excited. We haven't done our engagement photos yet, so here are some random ones of us.
    Very cool pics and you look amazing, if you haven't already, you should post your pics in the Sexy women of MW thread, you definitely belong in there. I'm also very curious about that red drink, but, then, I'm, technically, still a student, so, I would be attracted to that anyway ! (not that you have to be a student to appreciate alcohol!).

    Quote Originally Posted by MoonBreath View Post
    here are some pictures of another important man in my life..
    Very adorable .

    Quote Originally Posted by Infinite Grey View Post
    Me and my wife Njorun Alma
    Looking very happy together, and I like Njorun's tattoo too .

    Quote Originally Posted by Against The Tide View Post
    Everyone is beautiful!

    Me and the Monster
    You 2 are no exception either .

    Quote Originally Posted by Terra Mater View Post
    Thats about to change!

    Cool pics .

    Quote Originally Posted by firefairy86 View Post
    This is Casey my bf of 8 years
    Looking good .

    Quote Originally Posted by Crystal Willowtree View Post
    everyone looks so cute
    so here's me and my fiance, amanite as he's known on here
    Looking very good together.

    Quote Originally Posted by Renny View Post
    This is my Shaun We have been together for about 6 years

    Very cool pics, the 2nd one with short hair is my fave, he looks amazingly hot, if you have any more short haired pics, please post (like I told you, short hair is a personal preference!).

    Quote Originally Posted by Mama J View Post
    This is me an EJ1096 we've been together 8 years all together now, married for six this August.
    Looking very cool together .

    Quote Originally Posted by TygerTyger View Post
    Me and Mrs Tyger!

    Cool and amazing pics, your wedding day looked great, BTW, in that 2nd pic, if you don't mind me saying, your wife looks similar to Joanna Lumley (I mean that as a compliment, BTW, I really like her, especially in Absolutely Fabulous, she's really funny).

    Quote Originally Posted by MoonBreath View Post
    wow, MysticWicks is full of happy and cute couples!

    Nesta: thanks! i don't know, its a toss up between who i love more...
    Yes, MW does have a lot of happy and cute couples , I'll take my single self and walk away now, to Youtube, where I'll drown my sorrows in the gayest of gayest tunes I can find:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cloaked Raven View Post
    Good pics everyone!

    Here is a picture of Mr. Cloaky and I. We've been together almost 18 years, married for 7 1/2. I had just turned 17 years old when we met and we've been together ever since.

    The first picture is from Prom 1993, I was 18, not quite 19 years old so please excuse the hair and gods awful dress.

    Picture 2 is from December 2005, we're opening the holiday presents from my mother and sister's family.

    Picture 3 is from my 30th birthday, we were at Nanny's house.
    Cool pics, it's good to see what Mr. Cloaky looks like, you look really happy together .

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    everyone looks so cute and happy together in their pics

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    Me and mine....although mine might be upset, he's already got his pic posted here somewhere, so it's fair game.

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    These are some of my favorites. I love the b&w ones best. I love being silly with him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sacredsin View Post
    You you you..jerk! You couldn't put up any better photos? Is this payback? Put up better photos mister! I'm going to put those pictures up you hate now! Hahahahah!

    ETA: Mr. Nicholas my squishy (hubby) haha. And I'm in one.
    are you kidding woman! those pics are absolutely adorable!!

    awsome thread folks, i love to see all of you so happy and in love!! : keep em coming :D

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    Yay, keep the pictures coming!

    amarante: I LOVE your wedding dress!

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    My Mate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaedema View Post
    My Mate.
    what a *cutie pie*!

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