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Thread: Any thoughts on K12 curriculum?

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    Any thoughts on K12 curriculum?

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    Yes, tons of positive thoughts on this program.

    My youngest son who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism, and I began the K12 program this past year (8th grade for him) and he thrived so completely in the program that we are going to continue it through all four years of high school.

    Its an amazing program but you truly will get out of it what you put into it. I find it to be the best blend of homeschooling and traditional schooling that you could ever hope to find and since it is publicly funded it allows even poor families to participate.

    They will provide you not only the books and general materials you need for the lessons, but a computer for your student to use if you need one and any software that the school requires the student to use. As long as your child remains in the program, he/she can keep that computer (and its a decent enough system). At the end of each year, they ship you a list of which materials have to be returned and shipping labels so that returning the materials incurs no out of pocket costto you (other than driving them to the UPS store).

    The lesson plans allow for great flexibility and 20% of the classwork is provided for you online. While there is a core curriculum of what they expect the child to learn, how you present that information is up to you. As you cover the basic material you can add in any other information your student is interested in learning. An example of this was my son's history class which allowed me to incorporate the different pagan practices as we studied the people. This gave him a greater understanding of history, but of how people develop (which is needed instruction for Asperger's sufferers as it helps them to understand the very societal cues and their importance that is so difficult for them to grasp in a standard setting).

    Both you and your student will have your own logins. Any lesson that a student does not master can be retaken as needed. You will also be provided with access to practice testing for whatever standardized tests are required for your student in addition to a testing center that will administer the actual test when the time comes.

    The school also provides all the standard supports that a public school is supposed to provide including special education assessment and monitoring, extra curricular activities, and a friendly and knowledgable staff ready, willing, and able to assist you with any special needs your child may have.

    If you have any questions, post them here and I will answer them both from my own knowledge and the information I still have at hand from the program.
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