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Thread: Black-Eyed Kids in Kansas

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    I'm from Kansas, actually pretty close to where this supposedly happened. I read that story recently, don't remember if it was on the journalists site or on this site for kansans that hires journalists...either way it sounds like a glorified prank, or maybe the person they were scaring was exaggerating from fright and imagination. Who knows.
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    Definitely sounds like some teens getting really bored. Hell if all it takes are some black contacts to freak people I need to get a pair. People tend to think I'm frightening without them. I'd have too much fun though I'm afraid.

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    Just google "black sclera contacts," they aren't too hard to find.
    Although if I could actually wear contacts I'd want to try "circle lens contacts."

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    i agree with you, though prank isn't the feeling i'm getting. she was right in listening to her instincts. those kids could be dangerous. so it might be wise for her to call the police since she keeps seeing them out there. they could be stalkers or rapists for all we know.
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    This is a more recent collection of accounts, from the same site as the OP. Horrifying stuff.
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    I love how that article seems to automatically assume that they aren't human, when there are a few perfectly logical explanations for this.
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    I read something similair on a conspiracy site only is came from Australia. The guy was usually one of the debunkers for weird stuff. Anyway these kids wanted in at midnight so they could go through to his backyard and get their kitten. Same black eyes, same insisting they didn't have any weapons they weren't dangerous etc. They said they had to get their kitten or their mother would be mad. He asked for their phone number so he could call their mother, all in all he got a bad feeling, they wouldn't go away and they kept asking him to let them in. He was creeped out because there had been reports of kids getting in and attacking adults. He didn't let them in and said if they didn't leave he'd call the police. Finally they left.

    Whatever it was about, I think: a) it isn't limited to the states, and b) don't let anyone into your house at all late at night (or really anytime) if you don't know them, aren't expecting them or if your spidey sense is tingling. It could be a harmless prank or it could be a violent one, robbery etc.


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    I don't think it's so implausible that with the internet, a bunch of teenagers could start a countrywide/global prank. Hell, people do that kind of stuff all the time on the internet anyways, they call it a meme now. This however, seems a little more sinister (in a non demonic/alien way...more like a sociopathic way). Does anyone know if anyone has ever let these kids into their houses, or if any police reports have been filed?

    If these reports are more than just "friend of a friend of a cousins of a sister's co-worker," they should be able to be verified quite easily. I don't care how unsettling someone is, if they're insisting on being let into my house at WTFo'clock at night, I'm callin the 5-0...or at least some friends with ambiguous moral scruples.

    That said, several things make me think these are a hoax:
    -The occurrences seem to happen when no one else is around but the intended victim (classic home invasion strategy with the intent to harm, btw)

    -They occur in what seem to be middle class or upper middle class areas where kids in those neighborhoods wouldn't necessarily be readily recognized by the intended victim and these little punk post-pubescents would have access to the kind of money that would allow them to get sclera contacts which I have seen in prices ranging from $130 to $250

    -They occur at a time not so ludicrously late that parents (these days) would really question their kids being out (especially if it happened on a weekend or they were playing "house tag" where one kid said he was staying at the other kid's house and vice versa)

    -These Black Eyed Kid stories have only come around really in the past decade in which we have of course had internet and most, if not all of these stories have been found on the internet

    -I've heard of this "phenomenon" before, last year, and I was interested so I tried to do some more research but wouldn't you know the only information I could find was online and were all second hand accounts?

    -None of these are ever first hand accounts. They are second hand narrations of supposed first hand accounts or supposed interviews with no source.

    Forget aliens and demons or whatever; these kids need therapy, a good after school program and a swift kick in the backside. These people should be calling the police, not ghostbusters. The reason why they're so totally unsettled? Have you seen someone wearing black sclera contacts in person? It's creepy as f***. I can't overstate that enough. It touches something primal. One of my former roommates had a pair of those and it creeped me out something fierce and I knew him. Imagine what you would feel if you saw that and didn't know the person. Also, hello? It's Not-Normal o'clock at night, pretty much anyone coming up to you speaking like they're the dark haired version of those cosmic emotional atomotons from Village of the Damned is going to creep you out. Black contacts and hoodies or no.

    Sorry, I just can't jump on board the paranormal train with this one. If this isn't an attempt at creating an urban legend for the digital age, then there's a pseudo-gang of disturbed kids running around that need help and some reprimanding.

    Although it goes without saying, I'm gonna say it anyways: NEVER let someone in your house that you don't know!
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    Try this:

    Might give a little more detail. I've read different stories and accounts online regarding the legend and or the lore behind black eyed kids and some of the outcomes beyond encounters with them are rather horrifying even though the story behind them brings both intrigue and fear.

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    If you look up "black-eyed people" you get a bunch of results.

    Some of them are downright ridiculous. Like this one:

    It still creeps me out to this day just thinking about it. I know they have black contacts that cover the entire eye, but I think this was before those were in existence. Whatever it was, it wasn't human.
    "I know there's an explanation, but I swear, it wasn't human!"

    I don't know how long they've had cosmetic lenses, but scleral lenses predate corneal lenses if I remember right. Either way, "I think this was before those were in existence" is a crap excuse.

    Sounds like she just got freaked out by some goth.

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