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Thread: Black-Eyed Kids in Kansas

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    Seems to me like someone has been watching a bit too much Supernatural/ Buffy the Vampire Slayer.... Do unexplainable things/beings exist? -- of course... was this one??-- not necessarily. Just seems too fabricated to me... especially the second link... all about the 10th victim yada yada just doesn't stack up. I'd say it was teens with something against/wanting to scare the victim. In today's world anyone can play dress up and not be recognized by the neighbors it's not exactly hard to do especially at night. Plus all the 'paranormal' shows that have been on the tube in the past decade just keep increasing...

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    I live 20 minutes outside of Hutchinson, Kansas..and I work with a lot of people from that city, and I have never ever heard of this story. I'll ask them tonight at work though

    and for the record, Hutchinson is full of crack heads. i wouldn't trust a story like that comin from there.
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