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Thread: Dedication Ritual

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    When I self-dedicated, I put a bowl of water by the window overnight to soak up Full Moon energy. The next night when the moon was up again, I stood in the window, drew a triple moon on the back of my hand, and said something like "I dedicate to the Pagan path for as long as we are a good fit for each other." I stood in the moonlight for a while, soaking it up, and then I drank some lemonade and ate some crescent-shaped cookies. That was all I needed.
    If you're lucky you'll find something that reflects you,
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    One question I would ask is are you dedicating yourself to a specific path and study or are you dedicating to a specific diety who you shall follow?

    Seem's perhaps a silly question but in the end it is an important one. A dedication to a pathway usually revolves around what you are willing to contribute to it and how you shall go about learning all you can about the path.

    A dedication to a god / goddess is a whole lot different. You speak about what they mean to you, why you choose them and how you shall honor and recognize them. Item to be offered to the god / goddess to charge and it's influence upon you and how you shall use the item in their cause.

    Just something to consider I think. Of course that is up to you to make the determination of does it apply to your pathwalk.

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