View Poll Results: What started your Pagan/magic/occult journey?

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  • Movie (fiction, like The Craft, Lord of the Rings, etc.)

    6 2.87%
  • TV show (fiction, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, etc.)

    8 3.83%
  • Documentary (TV or movie nonfiction, news item, talk show, etc.)

    4 1.91%
  • News item in a print medium (newspaper, magazine, etc.)

    0 0%
  • Internet (website, email, etc.)

    28 13.40%
  • Fiction (novel, comic, short story, etc.)

    15 7.18%
  • Nonfiction (book, magazine, zine, etc.)

    30 14.35%
  • I learned about it from a family member

    17 8.13%
  • I learned about it from someone outside my family

    44 21.05%
  • Other

    57 27.27%
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Thread: what started your interest in Paganism?

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    I started because I am a history buff, and the myths themselves drew me in, and it just led off from there...

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    a game set of Tarot at a friends house in the early 70s

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    From the earliest I can remember around the age of 5 or so, I had an affinity with nature, and even crafted a 'spell' with water and things I found outside. Hell, I even recited words. It has always just been *there* with me. One of my friends parents freaked out about the whole 'spell' thing and called me a witch, told me witchcraft was satanic, and forbid her daughter from hanging out with me. All around the age of 5-7.. Fun times xD. I remember asking my christian grandma about worshiping other deities, and why should I have to worship this christian god (again around the age of like 6). I have no idea how I knew of all the things I did as a kid, as far as power in nature, and other deities. o_O

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    I vacationed in Salem, Mass many times. The energy there is unlike any other. It draws people back regardless of how many times you have been there before. Over time, I was just upset with my former path and had been interested in the craft at that point.

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    I selected "Other."

    I grew up extremely Catholic, and even from my first day of Sunday School I just knew I didn't belong there. Nothing that was taught to me felt right and I always felt really out of place, I would question things and got in trouble for it. Although I have grown to appreciate all religions for the beauty that each of them possesses in their own way, back then I just felt extremely confused and frustrated that nothing seemed right.

    So pretty much my whole life I had just decided that I would have no religion, even though deep down I knew I believed in something.. I didn't know what. So therefore it must have just been nothing. Then one day... about 4 years ago give or take I was out and about running errands and I wandered into a local pagan/occult shop (there aren't many here) for no real reason, I honestly just had a feeling that I should. I spent a good amount of time looking around and just really felt at home and excited, the butterfly in your stomach kind of excited. I don't even know how to explain it, all I knew was that I wanted to know more! So thats exactly what I did! I learned more! I went online, bought books, asked questions, and began my path.

    So I guess in a way it was a combo of a bunch of things that got me started but most of all I just think it was the right time for me, and whatever pushed me into that store knew it too.

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    at a early age I found a book my sister had.. she doesn't remember where it came from and it had no readable info as far as a title or printing company, date etc.. but it was all about reading cards, signs, HEADS everything and anything! Plus between us there was always a more un-usual connection? telling when each other or who was on the phone, bending spoons, moving things etc but she was like 15 yrs older more like a mom/best friend than a sister. By the time she had moved out I was doing free card readings for kids at school before class in Jr High using just a regular card deck.... it didn't really escalate to more till early 2000's... Here and Magica where I got my "Magical Self Defense" (? sign? logo? here) and "3rd Degree Wiccan Witch" from Magica.

    Whole lot of good that does being solitary in the middle of the rural dirt roads in the bible belt. ROFLMBO my coven is the critters! LOL
    [SIGPIC] Kim

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    One of two stories on how I became involved with majick.

    In grade school there was a rumor about some people who had been killing animals as blood offerings to some dark powers in a drainage tunnel under the railroad tracks close to the school. On a dare I entered the tunnel with the intentions of finding out what I could. The walls had symbols that at the time I couldn't read. At the far end of the tunnel was a puddle with a plastic bag spinning in a air pocket and trapped by the grass that was as tall as i was. I walked close to the edge wandering why the bag stayed just above the water when the large stone that I was standing on rolled into the puddle. I grabbed the sides of the tunnel and was able to stop my fall. At the same time I saw a hand the same grey color as the water with elongated fingers reach out and pull the bag under the water. I turned and ran at as fast as I could through the field toward my house ignoring my friends that had been waiting by the entrance to the tunnel. I stopped about mid field to look over my shoulder and saw the grass parting right up to my current location. Then a flash of light blinded me for a second, all the fear left me and I was over come with a feeling of love more pure then I have ever felt. My vision restored to show all the grass around me was laying away from me for about 15 feet in all directions and the trail back to the tunnel was still parted to both sides. My friends left quickly, and to this day I have never herd them say a word about what they saw.

    For me Magick has always been real. Regardless of how much people try to hypnotize them selves into not seeing it, I can never forget what I have been a part of and seen with my own eyes. If my eyes don't show me the truth then what does, and how am I suppose to know ? When others have seen the same thing I saw then I deem it real. Please feel free to PM me, This is my first post and am eager to meet the rest of the community.
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    I had never even heard the term pagan before I came to it, there had been a few incidents since I was 15 that I couldn't make sense of, tried ignoring them until I was pretty much forced into finding out what and who was behind it, I met someone very special in a different world when I closed my eyes for a few minutes during a meditation and literally would not be here today if it wasn't for her.. she is the most important person in my life bar none..

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