View Poll Results: What started your Pagan/magic/occult journey?

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  • Movie (fiction, like The Craft, Lord of the Rings, etc.)

    6 2.87%
  • TV show (fiction, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, etc.)

    8 3.83%
  • Documentary (TV or movie nonfiction, news item, talk show, etc.)

    4 1.91%
  • News item in a print medium (newspaper, magazine, etc.)

    0 0%
  • Internet (website, email, etc.)

    28 13.40%
  • Fiction (novel, comic, short story, etc.)

    15 7.18%
  • Nonfiction (book, magazine, zine, etc.)

    30 14.35%
  • I learned about it from a family member

    17 8.13%
  • I learned about it from someone outside my family

    44 21.05%
  • Other

    57 27.27%
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Thread: what started your interest in Paganism?

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    Voted other...

    When I was 5 years note , that was 1959...

    I was telling my parents about a place I came from...

    Not from here...where things were different , and
    what I learned was called magic ruled...

    Now...there weren't that many movies , tv shows ,
    or books easily available , on these things...

    Believe me , they wondered...and worried a little...

    By seven , I was hauling home oversized books on
    Gods and Goddessess , and Mythology...

    The "colored" Fairy Series...

    Reading Jules Verne , Tolkien , Gulliver's Travels...

    By ten , I had read anything magical , sci - fi , fantasy ,
    horror , and had been creating my own sacred space ,
    and looking at old script , and magical font styles ,
    including runes...

    When I was 17 , someone taught me how to write in
    various magical languages , and I engaged in full magical

    Then , there was a coven attack on my teacher , and fellow
    student...we did a very deep , dark , deadly ritual...

    Sad to coven member commited suicide with two ran into a telephone pole support cable , on his
    motorcycle...cut himself in half...

    I gave up all magical practice after that , until spirits grabbed
    me ( as a native elder said ) , 14 years ago...nothing has been
    the same since...I have no real choice , anymore...LOL...

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    I also voted other. When I was younger, a girl that my sister was friends with lived a couple house down was Wiccan, so I thought it was interesting when I was younger. Also movies like The Craft (as cheesy as it is ) and Lord of the Rings added to it. Also, I liked learning about the Salem Witch Trials and what all is associated with that. I liked learning about it, but burning people at the stake is wrong. I think this poll needed a variety choice to click

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    I selected other for it was a combination of things and people. I was born in 1959 but by the mid 1960's I was being taught to be a water-witch by my grandfather along with herbs. You'd be surprised at the number of drinks I knew how to make by the time my teens rolled around. My female relatives taught stories and family lore. At the same time a elderly Italian lady started teaching me her traditions.

    Along about the late 60's I was constantly handed books on mythology, ancient civilizations and the unexplained. We had a neighbor that started teaching me herbal lore and growning things. I spent almost all my time in the woods and trying things from the things I seemed to know or discovered from my woodland friends.

    I wouldn't call it a coven but it seemed everyone I knew (and knew my parents) was teaching me something or how to look at things. Multiple religions and beliefs, ghosts and spirits, how to read regular playing cards, tea leaves, palms, how to listen to things.

    I can't say there was a break in any of it though it seemed people always came and went. Along with them new books or subjects to read and discuss. People that even today seem to appear, encourage me to study or do something then vanish from my life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Gruagach View Post
    I'm curious to hear what started your interest in Paganism, magic, or occultism. Be honest -- just because a start might have been a bit "fluffy" does not mean you stay that way!

    If there isn't an appropriate item on the poll for you to choose please select "other" and explain in a post.

    I'm eager to hear everyone's stories about what triggered their journey.
    As silly as it sounds, tarot made me aware of paganism. I started reading cards when I was 14 and considered myself Christian at the time, but I became aware of Wicca when I read/discussed tarot cards online and at the bookstore. It wasn't until several years later when I left my birth religion that I gave some thought to pagan religions and looked into them.
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    I marked through nonfiction, but that should technically be through a friend. My bad. I was about 14 and one of my good friends had a Silver Ravenwolf book. (Is that a chorus of sighs I hear?) Of course, I was bored and I had to read SOMETHING, so I picked it up and skimmed through.

    I'd never really thought of Wicca as a religion before, much less heard of it. I was pretty interested at first and kind of mentioned it to my parents, first to my mom in the car. She kind of scoffed at me and said "You know they worship the Devil, right?" I tried to tell her otherwise, but she kind of just stayed quiet. That night she mentioned it to my dad, kind of making fun of me at the same time. I was really embarrassed and it was hard to defend myself, so I just kind of gave up. Living in the Bible Belt really doesn't help since we have ZERO pagan exposure here.

    So I was kind of afraid to read anything more about Wicca until about two years later and I eventually found this site. I'm glad I came here too, I'd never thought people still worshiped older deities. I've been waiting to officially call myself pagan though. I didn't want to be one of those girls running around yelling "I'm a witch!" and it be just a phase. I really don't think this is though, and I'm glad. of course my parents know nothing about it, I haven't said the word 'pagan' or 'wicca' again to them since that night.

    Whoa, how did this become a biography? It's not that bad, I don't think. ;P
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    I choice the 'someone outside of my family' option. My boyfriend really sparked me interest. He holds more Celtic or Druid beliefs. He actually has a lot of information, not only in just is Book of Shadows but on computer disks. Since I didn't really know much about it he let me read some of his interest...and from there it just really became interesting to me. I've felt more calm learning about paganism or wicca.

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    It was back in the early '90's. I was about 14 and ditched school to go shoot pool. When I got there the pool hall was full and I noticed they had just opened a Psychic Eye shop. I wandered in and saw Anna Riva's 'Spellcraft, Hexcraft and Witchcraft', bought it, and was immediately hooked.

    However, my great grandmother was into all types of "alternative" spirituality, starting with phychics and seances in the '30's and then moving every which way from there. My grandmother belonged (or still belongs, I'm not sure) to some obscure offshoot of the Golden Dawn.

    My mom sort of shielded me from them and their ways, but my juvenile delinquency saved me

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    I've always had an interest in mythology, especially Greek mythology. And I gradually came to pantheistic beliefs during Middle School and High School. As I read more and more about it on the internet and in books, I found modern pagan revival paths to be interesting. What really catalysed my interest in Wicca specifically was learning that one of my friends was a practising Solitary Wiccan, and her description sounded interesting to me. I looked more into it, and I just went from there.

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    My parents encouraged me and my brothers to explore lots of different paths when we were kids, and they were always bringing home books about various topics, taking us to different places of worship and letting us get a feel for what was right for us.

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    My own dabblings, whose inspiration I cannot name other than some exposure to Catholic mysticism. Then, a good friend confirmed it's ok to "mix it up" spiritually and invited me to MW!

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