View Poll Results: What started your Pagan/magic/occult journey?

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  • Movie (fiction, like The Craft, Lord of the Rings, etc.)

    6 2.87%
  • TV show (fiction, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, etc.)

    8 3.83%
  • Documentary (TV or movie nonfiction, news item, talk show, etc.)

    4 1.91%
  • News item in a print medium (newspaper, magazine, etc.)

    0 0%
  • Internet (website, email, etc.)

    28 13.40%
  • Fiction (novel, comic, short story, etc.)

    15 7.18%
  • Nonfiction (book, magazine, zine, etc.)

    30 14.35%
  • I learned about it from a family member

    17 8.13%
  • I learned about it from someone outside my family

    44 21.05%
  • Other

    57 27.27%
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Thread: what started your interest in Paganism?

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    i've always been who i am. finding out that there is a name for it came later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by *oonagh* View Post
    i've always been who i am. finding out that there is a name for it came later.
    What triggered finding the name though? Did you see it mentioned in a book or magazine, hear it said on TV or in a movie, or did some person you know mention it first?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Gruagach View Post
    What triggered finding the name though? Did you see it mentioned in a book or magazine, hear it said on TV or in a movie, or did some person you know mention it first?
    sorry...well, when i was about 13(ish), my mother told me that i'm a pantheist. when i was about 23(ish), a co-worker told me that i'm a 'stone worshiping pagan'. labels...labels...whatever. but, in the end, mom was right.

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    I had always been interested in different religions. My friend got me into Wicca. After that I got interested in Paganism in general.

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    i voted other because for me it was more of a combination of things. When i was little i loved reading books on ancient mythology, espically the Greek myths. I was also influenced by watching Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, although their depictions of the Gods may not have always been perfectly balanced! lol! I was also influenced by the animist aspects of movies like Disney's The Lion King and Pochantas.
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    In my case, non fiction books definitively, my mother's books. Since she is Catholic, a very very light version of it anyway, and there was no real book in her collection that was Pagan I cannot say it's from her. She also never dragged us to church, never bothered us with the bible.

    I started reading at 4 and at 7 I was reading short novels. It didn't take long I was checking out my mother's books collection which was ranging from new age to esoterism. She had also a few esoteric book collections that were speaking of a lof of different subjects like ghost hauting, witchcraft, auras, astral travels, freemasonry, magick, etc. She was as well using playing cards as a mean of divination. I of course found all these subjects oh so fascinating.

    But most of all, my mother has always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt and she has many books on the subject and quite a few with gorgeous pictures in colors. I read all the books on Ancient Egypt and I found them really fascinating too, I really liked their mythology as well. From that to use them as Gods didn't take long in my head. I was probably around 11-12 then. I started thinking about whether to just have one deity or many, I was not used to polytheism after all (I voted for many), and rituals and prayers. And then the whole thing seemed really too epic for a kid of my age to come up with all these stuff all by myself that I let it go.

    I never checked the new age/esoteric of my public library at that age but when we moved, I did, I was around 12-13. I must have run out of books to read from my mother's books and the public library became the new supplier of books to read. It's in my teen my mother and one of her friends, seeing how serious I was on these subjects, decided to forbid me to read more on these subjects. I did not see one book on Paganism there, it's not a surprise knowing that the French refuse to translate any books related to Paganism therefore books on Paganism in French simply don't exist. My mother told me years later that as a teen I lacked the maturity to read further books on the subjects and she was worried I'd use the knowledge to harm others.

    It's not exactly how I became a Wiccan, the story is much longer than that but that is what got me started in new age and esoteric stuff, made me want for a while as a kid to use egyptian deities. And later find slowly but surely a way to Paganism.

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    Well, I had to say "internet" because ultimately that's where I found a name for it. I wasn't raised in any sort of religious environment. I was a blank slate. So when I was younger I started forming ideas of what I thought religion should be for myself. Meaning, if I were to ascribe to a religion this is what I would want. So I was cruising the net one day looking at lots of information and came across Wicca- and lo and behold it matched a lot of what I had thought of. And that's where it all started.

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    Thumbs up

    I put family member - because my girlfriend is most definitely not "someone outside my family"

    Funny story, actually...we're just talking about something, which is lost to history now. I mention offhandedly (it's an internet conversation) "*is a Star Trek-style humanist by the way*...she goes *is a Wiccan by the way* or some variation on that. I'm just sitting there with my jaw on the floor was very shocking at the time. I spent the rest of the day asking questions, listening, and reading the links she gave me, as well as others. By the end of the day I was a Wiccan (in terms of beliefs and the initation fight XD) - within a week I was out of the broom closet to my parents, because I'm pathologically honest lol - within a month I was here in a non-registered lurking capactiy - within two months I was exploring various paths other than Wicca - here I am, and I'm more experienced than she is. I think...she's been ill lately and we haven't really talked about religion.

    Sometimes I wonder - was it too quick a conversion? I thought so at first...but it seems that the various pagan paths mean more than Star Trek-style humanism, as badass as Kirk was for standing up to Gods...and definitely I'd rather follow the many gods of ancient man than the god of Christianity and all that I personally feel he stands for. That's another story...just be thankful my evangelical parents are cool with me being pagan :P

    The first glimmers of Primalism came with these words, born in meditation and risen to the surface over a year's time:

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    Polarity requires that strength be balanced by love...there may not be a princess there for me, but I am learning all sides of darkness and light, all means to gnosis...

    I'l let you know when I find a magic system to stick with lol. Runes look kinda fun! :D

    So every time I go on vacation, a god comes out of the woodwork lol...Hekate, then Thor on my KC trip, Pakhet on my Nevada trip - and the fourth god of Primalism - SET HIMSELF - has come recently. I will be tested in Storms of Steel, and Shalt Become...

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    Honestly, I was bored last summer. XDD And so I was surfing wikipedia and I've always been curious by the supernatural. Hell, Supernatural is my favorite show! XDD! And then, by chance (or fate?) I ran into an article about Elder Futhark and it all just blossomed from there.

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    I always held paganism at the heart of my being, at an early age I was casting my lot with magick (mostly the shamanistic side of the house), all through my life the framework has been there, the books, friends and the such were just tools that came along to knock away the waste rock and refine the sculpture. Also, living in a haunted house whilst having a rigid black and white universe thanks to the mercies of the many churches I was forced to go to made me come to the realization that I knew in my heart of hearts that there is no such monochromatic definition of the universe, and multiple gods had at that point revealed there presences in different ways.
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