View Poll Results: What started your Pagan/magic/occult journey?

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  • Movie (fiction, like The Craft, Lord of the Rings, etc.)

    6 2.87%
  • TV show (fiction, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, etc.)

    8 3.83%
  • Documentary (TV or movie nonfiction, news item, talk show, etc.)

    4 1.91%
  • News item in a print medium (newspaper, magazine, etc.)

    0 0%
  • Internet (website, email, etc.)

    28 13.40%
  • Fiction (novel, comic, short story, etc.)

    15 7.18%
  • Nonfiction (book, magazine, zine, etc.)

    30 14.35%
  • I learned about it from a family member

    17 8.13%
  • I learned about it from someone outside my family

    44 21.05%
  • Other

    57 27.27%
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Thread: what started your interest in Paganism?

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    I clicked 'someone outside my family' since the question was about paganism in general; like many here I grew up in a Christian family, some parts of it more strongly Christian than others. As Ben is aware from other threads, I taught Sunday School for a while before just deciding that the path wasn't right for me. This was way before the internet and before most films and so on, but somewhere along the line I met a member of staff at one of the very firrst occult supply shops in the UK, who introduced me to... and so on.

    However, if the question had been asked about my current path, then I'd have clicked 'work of fiction' - Stewart Farrar's "Twelve Maidens", to which I still return on occasion. Given the author, it's moot whether this is 'fluffy' or not, but I love the book anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mystic_zoe View Post
    I also found more out about Wicca through a charmed board before i began frequntly visiting here.
    Cool, glad I wasn't the only one (and glad to meet another Charmed fan!).

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    My first step was realizing that if there was a male god, it made sense to me that there must be a goddess around somewhere. From there I stumbled onto some books in the library that proved interesting and led to more books...

    (Thanks Flaire!)

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    My boyfriend introduced me to his religion when I was 17/18. I was opposed (quietly) at first, but I read his books little by little because I was curious. He was very patient and non-pushy at all. Over time I realized that my beliefs really fit in with Paganism. We're married now, he is Wiccan and I'm just all over the place, New Age, Spiritual, I don't really have a name for it and it doesn't bother me much.

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    I learned about it from my best friend. It was also when I learned that it wasn't satanism and satanism wasn't satan-worship/devil-worship. One of the most confusing and most pivotal 5 minute conversations of my life. It changed my whole religious direction.
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    How's this:

    I was interested, honestly, in stage magick when I was a kid. I liked learning card tricks and sleight-of-hand. My dad had been into it when he was younger, so I had some resources, but I went to the library to get more...

    I, err...picked up the wrong book at the library. That's doubly embarassing because my mom's a librarian...I didn't know my Dewey decimal system...200s are not hobbies. :D

    Combined with a preexisting love of mythology, it clicked pretty quickly.

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    Alot of things...when I was younger, I would go to the library and look up information on mythical creatures like unicors, griffins, etc. It always mystified me. Eventually, that curiosity lead me to Egyptian mythology, the Hindu pantheon, etc. Gods of different cultures have always intrigued me. So, at some point, I looked up Wicca, just out of sheer curiosity. People around me told me how "dangerous" it was, but what I learned...well, it mystified me again! (That seems to happen a lot, lol) It eventually lead me to where I am now! I may not be Wiccan, but it was that that started me off on my path. And now, I'm just a Pagan!
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    My path started off with a typical trip to the library with my mum. I was looking for history books and she was looking in the kids section for stuff for my younger brother, when she happened upon 'The Book of Wizardry: The Apprentice's Guide to the Secrets of the Wizards' Guild' by Cornelius Rumstuckle. I was (and still am) a Harry Potter fan, and so went 'ah, what the heck, it can't hurt!' I took it home, telling myself it was all fake, but upon starting reading it (as soon as I got home haha) I began to realise there was some realism behind it all.

    A bit of research about the book on Amazon showed me that the book was a sort of children's introductory guide to magick and the occult, mixing intriguing fact with fun fiction, so from there I started researching all the rest, which led me to Wicca. That was very early 2009.

    Long story short, I voted for 'Nonfiction' as that's what the book is classified as in our local library.

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    I would say my mother is pagan without knowing she is and my grandmother was also but whether she knew I'm not sure. Being into tarot cards, stones meaning more than just their looking pretty, the essence in a feather, incense, saints, the power of chants was always a part of my life. My mothers friend was a Voodoo Priestess, my mother says she's Catholic and was slightly scandilized when I became Wiccan but I still say she's more than just Catholic and hasn't realized it yet.

    My grandmother had Taino blood which are Native Tribes of Dominican Republic, she believed in a lot of spiritual things. I always questioned Christianity. I always wondered why if I was made in Gods image people thought God was male, after all I wasn't male. Therefore there had to be more to that didn't there? So it was a combination of lots of things. My upbringing, my sorroundings and my own questions.
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    I think I was always interested in the idea of witches and magic and that sort of thing as a child. I read a lot of books in that vein... at least the ones my mom didn't think anti-Christian. I also had what would now be considered a LARPing game, which involved faries, sprites, talking trees, what have you.

    There were also a lot of things I loved that I didn't even associate with paganism at the time, because I had no idea what paganism was... like those bracelets that you'd make a wish on, and it was suppose to come true when it (naturally) fell off, which now seems a lot like a spell. (Most of them were even "correct" in their color and gemstone associations.) I still have a piece of quartz I bought as a kid, and I remember thinking that the description of it being for luck and positive vibes was cool.

    But, really... I didn't know that paganism, witchcraft, and Wicca were real until I stumbled across some terrible teen site in high school. It had a "wishing well" spell, and a little info on Wicca. That was the real start for me.

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