View Poll Results: What started your Pagan/magic/occult journey?

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  • Movie (fiction, like The Craft, Lord of the Rings, etc.)

    6 2.87%
  • TV show (fiction, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, etc.)

    8 3.83%
  • Documentary (TV or movie nonfiction, news item, talk show, etc.)

    4 1.91%
  • News item in a print medium (newspaper, magazine, etc.)

    0 0%
  • Internet (website, email, etc.)

    28 13.40%
  • Fiction (novel, comic, short story, etc.)

    15 7.18%
  • Nonfiction (book, magazine, zine, etc.)

    30 14.35%
  • I learned about it from a family member

    17 8.13%
  • I learned about it from someone outside my family

    44 21.05%
  • Other

    57 27.27%
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Thread: what started your interest in Paganism?

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    I had a dream about a book on Qabalah called Between the Worlds when I was 15. I don't even remember seeing it prior to my dream, but regardless the next day I decided to go out and buy it.

    I don't practice Qabalah, but buying that book opened the gateway to witchcraft for me.

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    I don't fully remember why I started Paganism. I think it had something to do with connecting to my ancestor's culture and religion, a historical desire. I wanted to do things exactly how the Norse did.

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    When I was in fifth grade I became interested in the occult. I never read any of the books in the fiction section. For the first two years I took out books mostly on cryptozoology, psychics, ghosts, and tarot. In seventh grade I took out my first book on Witchcraft. It was by Cal Garrison- Witch on the Go: A Book of Spells to Take with You. It was very simplified and streamlined and I was really taken with it. Once my dad and brother caught me reading it. My brother threatened to tell my mom (she's uber-Christian) and my dad thought it'd be just a phase. However, here I am six years later and still as in love with the Craft as I was the day I discovered it on my library shelves.
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    "I believe in the fundamental truth of all great religions of the world. I believe that they are all God-given and I believe that they were necessary for the people to whom these religions were revealed. And I believe that if only we could all of us read the scriptures of the different faiths from the standpoints of the followers of these faiths, we should find that they were at bottom all one and were all helpful to one another. "
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    Internet: While I was in High School I found a "Bubble Spell" on geocities and thought, "Damn. Bubbles? Sign me up."

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    I loved to study world religions as a kid, particularly Native American, Mayan, and Aztec spiritualities. Pagan faiths and modern witchcraft were a natural extension!

    My mother was a spiritualist as I was growing up, so she didn't discourage me or think I was bonkers.

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    In my case - I think there was something lurking in me that was set of by.....The Craft. I had it on tape, and I probably watched it was a teenager 25 times....

    Hahaha - But it could have just as easily been anything else - I think it's just a matter of what comes in contact with you first. If it had of been a book in front of me at that formative moment I would have read that 25 times too.

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    Well I have allways loved fairytales and fantasynovels. Fromthere I saw oneday in a bookstore a book about wicca, and it caught my interest, after that came the internet, many more books and it started tot grow. Now 7 years later it feels natural and a part of me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Race_Angel View Post
    Well I have allways loved fairytales and fantasynovels. Fromthere I saw oneday in a bookstore a book about wicca, and it caught my interest, after that came the internet, many more books and it started tot grow. Now 7 years later it feels natural and a part of me.
    youre not the only-- i think those stories came from somewhere dont you?

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    Well before i was born my Religion was already deicded for me (Roman Catholic, my fathers doing :P) so up until i was thirteen i was your typical "Good little catholic boy" but then i was exposed to diffrent faiths (at that point i only ever thought there was only catholisim still around) and it made me want to expand on that. i looked into the history of the church and found it ladden with power and fear and i quickly started feeling uncomfortable being Catholic. i began questioning the bible and talking to my mom (who doesnt know what the hell she is lol) and the one thing she taught me was, as long as you dont hurt anyone it doesnt matter what you do. I liked that and i felt that thats what was right. It was only last year that i found out that it was the basis of the pagan faith through a very good freind of mine. Originally i wanted to persue necromancy but as of now that of a druid (or other naturlistic path) is where my calling is at. Paganism makes sense to me and ive always held a profound love of ancient civilizations. All i know is that i am very happy in my new found faith but some what shy when it comes to professing it but im gettng better. My only problem will be my girlfreinds parents finding out (stringent catholics) But as long as her and my mother accept me i dont care ^^ and will soon be able to say I AM A PAGAN AND PROUD!
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    There is no other influence in my life than pure nature. Being outdoors. Entangled in the arms of the earth. I abhor modern culture's obsession with the divide between nature and comfort. We've convinced ourselves that by eliminating nature we will be comfortable in our molded-plastic houses and oh so hip and sheen cars...blech.
    Since I was a child I have felt "something" in the wild. This "something" has crept up into my very soul. It has stood at the edge of my thoughts like a siren blaring loud and trying desperately to break through the dissonance of modern life. Thats a lot of steel and concrete to sing through....
    Finally in my 20's it broke through. I discovered Wicca, hated it and still hate it, but I was happy to discover something much older - a reverence for nature. A celebration of the changing seasons. A voice in the wind...hands in the riverbed...a face in the cloud...
    The spirit of the wild from which we have all sprung like fruit from a heavy bough.

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