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  • Other

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Thread: what started your interest in Paganism?

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    My family has never been religious, so religions never really occurred to me.
    I had a huge interest (and still do) in ghosts, spirits, and other paranormal things when I was 10.
    Ever since then, I had researched whatever, whenever, wherever about the paranormal.
    Eventually, I wanted a religion that seemed to have a lot of the beliefs that I had in it.
    My mom went down to Salem with my aunt and my aunts friends, and came back with the idea of us being Pagan.
    I bumped into Wicca when I was 13, and have been learning about it and practicing it ever since. (:
    My mom, sister, and I all decided to convert. c:

    But...I likes the butterfly...

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    My direct interest in paganism came from studying mythology. I was very young and I thought "if those people could worship more than one god, why don't we?" That's really how my interest started, just a questioning of those ancient people who had different beliefs to the ones I was being taught.

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    I've been interested ever since I was a young child. I never took it seriously until I met my BFF, who is like a sister to me. She got me into it and all of this all happened about a little over a year ago. Not to mention that alot of my ancestors walked some path of Paganism.

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    that really dark place in your room.
    Honestly, it started when I was wandering around the library when I was about 11-12. I went to the YWCA in the summer and we sometimes walked to the library. I saw a book called "The Wicca Handbook" and started reading it; bits of it just made more sense to me than the things I was taught in catholic school.

    I've always been interested in the "weird" stuff, like ghosts and things and I also got picked on because of that, always told that it "wasn't right" or something along those lines. I'm currently on an Ecletic Wiccan path now and couldn't be happier

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    what started your interest in Paganism?

    Friend has a black box filled with interesting items. One item he has that intrigued me was a velvety bag of tiger eye runes. I was very interested. He also recommended the blue book from Buckland of Witchcraft. I am a newbie at this, not sure which path, for now, I just know I am really a nature girl down to my toenails. I am the type that runs outside to dance in the rain and snow, dig my toes into wet dirt or mud and feel totally one with the trees in the forest.

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    I choose "other".

    I was always a strange child. I liked stories, and mythology, and the idea of magic and spirits. I half-lived in the water and the other half of the time I was in the forest, only coming inside because I had to. I was convinced of ghosts, of reincarnation. By the time I was in third grade I would sneak off during my after school program to break into classrooms and preform "sťances" with stolen candles, a bit of creativity, and knowledge of what I had learned about from mythology or folklore.

    I guess around that time people started calling me a witch. They've been calling me one ever since.

    It only took me until twenty-one to accept the label.

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    I chose "Other." When I was four or five, we were driving home late from my cousin's house one night. I was staring out the window and saw an animal spirit (I knew there wasn't really a black panther out there running alongside the car). I mentioned it to my (biological) mother, Beverly. She seemed really upset and snapped at me. I stopped telling her and my (biological) dad about visions then and there... but I kept dreaming, kept exploring the woods and fields around our house, kept talking to spirits.

    I had no name for what I was for many years. People in my (strict Southern Baptist) church told me I was a Satanist, so I accepted the label (although I wasn't really sure). The whole time I was reading like crazy (everything from mythology to fiction to AD&D handbooks), so that was part of my journey. When I was thirteen (or maybe fourteen), I looked into some of the books out there. Ironically, it was people like Ravenwolf, Cunningham and the Farrars that almost made me stop looking. I rejected their lazy, sometimes unethical, and capitalist, anything-to-make-a-buck mentality, thinking their must be more to it than that. That began a period where I just tried things on my own - sadly, not all of them ethical. Then, at about eighteen, I stopped altogether for several years.

    About ten years ago, when I was in my early twenties, I started getting interested in my spirituality again. I was having too many mystical experiences not to. I started finding some books and practices with which I could agree, though my path has largely been crafted on my own with help from the spirit world. Interestingly, I was asked to teach a Shadow Magic class online at one of the places where J. Farrar and Gavin Bone are now teaching about four or five years ago. I flirted with the idea, then decided to leave the program because of Farrar and for many other reasons. I know I would actually have made some money if I'd taken on the project, but I couldn't teach with a program like that. Now I am doing my own thing as a tutor, writer, and neo-pagan minister - very poor but much better off than if I'd taken some of the paths my life has opened for me. I'm finally happy with my path and happy to be sharing it with my son (with some help from the local UU, which has brought a lot of blessings into my family). I consider myself an eclectic neo-pagan, and I always feel blessed to be able to share with others and help them with their own paths.

    Thanks, by the way, for asking us about our experiences. I really enjoyed reading about how others got interested in neo-paganism.
    P. Rex

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    My interest in Paganism started when i was young, i had no clue at the time...
    I lived in a haunted house as a little kid, my room had the most activity in it. Their was a shadow figure that would show up every night, it was a wolf that stood up on it's hind legs, and seemed to laugh a huge evil type laugh. This would scare me every night, and i would go bolting down the hallway to wake up my mother. I was scared of my own house as a little kid :/
    Anyway, fast forward about 10 years from then, my research starts. I look up all i can about shadow spirits, and it led me onto a Paganism forum, and it is from there on that i learned a lot more about Paganism and what it is, all the different paths one can take, the different kinds of magick and creatures that people seem to encounter.

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    My aunt. Shes Awesome. Growing up she was the mom I didnt have but wanted terribly. She always had gems and herbs and crystals and things around. Referred to god as them and her and such. I was raised catholic but when I turned 10 or so I started asking questions the church and my parents couldnt answer, so I went to my aunt. She handed me a book. The Witches Bible and said study learn and come back when you are older. She moved away shortly after that but I continued to study and will until the day I leave this world.

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    I'm not sure what really started it. I remember I read a few books on witchcraft and magic and hung out with a few Wiccans during high school when I had started to question Christianity, but then I pretty quickly decided that wasn't for me and went back to being confused. Actually, that sorta turned me off from pagan stuff for a bit. I liked mythology, but I never really considered it as a religious option. Honestly, had it not been for Loki, I'd never have gone down this path. So I suppose I could blame him? Having an encounter with him made me want to learn more about him and the other gods. So, yeah, I think it's his fault. Guess that's an "other."
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