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Thread: Any Taboos on Your Path?

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    failure of loyalty.

    pretty much sums it up.

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    Im still figuring out exactly what path calls to me but what has worked for me is mother earth and father sky, BUT I will always view "father sky" as Christ. Im weird...
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    In Sanatana Dharma, there are many, though it depends on the sect you are dealing with. Some are simply Indian customs.

    1. No eating beef. At all. Ever. Period. Many go as far as to become vegetarians (something I'd like to try again) but beef tends to be a huge taboo.
    2. Women cannot enter a temple if they are menstruating. This has more to do with the fact that a woman is bleeding, and blood is considered impure. If a priest cut his finger, for instance, and was bleeding, he would stop what he was doing until the cut scabbed over and stopped bleeding. If any person has bodily fluids on them of any kind, they are impure and cannot perform a puja or go to the temple.
    3. Eating with the left hand. The left hand is something that is used for other purposes that disqualify it from touching food in India.
    Of course, there are Sanatani's that engage in taboos all the time (The Aghori Tantriks come to mind). One man's poison is another man's nectar!
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    The only thing that comes to mind are geis, and they don't apply to every one. Each person can have their own. Other than that there are things its not a good idea to do, but not written down in stone. For example the Aos Si are known to be tempermental so saying anything they can view as disrepectfull is not a good idea, but no one will stop you from doing it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Infinite Grey View Post
    Wilful Ignorance, personal/self perfidiousness and intellectual/academic dishonesty.
    I agree. Ignorance to me is having the knowledge, but refusing to access it (playing uneducated). I personally believe this is the worst crime you could possibly commit against yourself and everyone around you.
    I would add refusing to do your own research for the facts when someone tells you something that doesn't sound right. The truth has 3 parts, side 1, side 2, and somewhere in between is the truth. For example: A domestic abuse charge has his side, her side, and somewhere in between the 2 is the truth. (just personal experience).

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    1. no human sacrifice
    2. no disturbing graves
    3. honesty, valor, and intellegence

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    no taboos by my personal path, they all have to do with my own personal code of ethics.
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    I have many...But these taboos are what I consider moral common sense.

    1.Step not upon the graves nor disturb the fallen unless it shall be to determine the one who ended their existence.
    2.Avoid killing when at all possible.
    3.Tyranny is blasphemy. There is no law.
    4. Rape none. They shall lay with you only if they consent. Love not possessed of danger to the participants and given willingly is sacred. Rape is not love.
    5. Treasure no nation nor government before the Gods. Politics corrupt all good things. Be aware of politics and make just decisions for as long as government exists. But do not hold them above the divine.
    6. True faith does not restrict expression of faith or joy. Be not evangelical in thy works. Even a secular poem that praises that which is good on this earth, great in it's writing, or written with a cause in mind is a prayer to the Gods.
    7. Do not restrict the spiritual paths of others. The pagan path is but one truth.
    8. Sexism is blasphemy. Man shall not be held above woman nor woman above man.
    9. Steal not from others unless it be to a just end. Stealing from a rich tyrant is just for he will only do wicked things with it.
    10.Let no knowledge be lost to time that may help humanity.
    11.Pray not for forgiveness nor to seek higher standing with the Gods, but out of sincere belief and passion.
    12. Find your own meaning life. Do not let others tell you what you must do.
    13. Do not sacrifice life. Only personal sacrifices should be given.
    14. Be loyal unto friends or lovers unless the relationship becomes venomous.
    15. Using magik to harm others, especially the innocent
    16. Incest.
    17. Denying the existence of the Gods. They are there.
    18. Bestiality.
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    For me the only thing that is taboo beyond kind of normal culture (talking stuff like rape, incest, murder, etc) would be the use of blood in ritual.

    Other than that I don't like to place too many absolutes. Life is less black and white and more grey than most people would like to admit. The rest are more of a personal code of ethics than actually taboo to my path as a Witch.
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    I can only think of three path-specific taboos:
    1. Using magick to actively harm another person (expect in cases of self-defense)
    2. Denying the existence of the Gods
    3. Chopping down a tree

    Other than that, the usual taboos against rape, murder, and things of that sort all apply.
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