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Thread: Family shrugs off gender testing for "Golden Girl" others think could be a man

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    Family shrugs off gender testing for "Golden Girl" others think could be a man

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    Gender means more than what is on the outside. I understand that a TG person, raised or/and competeing as a woman/man MAY have an advantage, depending on the sport.


    Plus I think it is BS about how they judge her looks.
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    I think it's a valid criticism. Men are biologically stronger and faster than women. They build muscle much more quickly and easily then women do. So if there is question about gender, then I think the athlete should prove it. It's just a matter of a simple DNA test.

    I wouldn't necessarily trust the structure of the genitalia in determining gender, though. There have been documented cases of ambiguous genitalia where it is difficult to determine gender based on looks alone.
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