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Thread: There are No Theists in Hospital Waiting Rooms

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    There are No Theists in Hospital Waiting Rooms

    Every year, we allow human sacrifice to occur. In the US, at least 8 children, on average, are sacrificed to God by believers who deny them life-saving medical intervention. I believe children's health care is a duty that supersedes religious belief. I think religious tolerance ends at the point of a screaming child, an infant's fever. I have compassion for these people who have made a terrible mistake, but I have no forgiveness for the institutions and beliefs that encourage and permit this.

    Regardless of your position of faith, I hope you will stand up to the religious abuse and neglect of innocent children. Visit Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty, Inc. (CHILD). Donate to dprjones' Doctors Without Borders campaign to offset this kind of darkness and evil.

    Here's a link to the full text of "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas".
    It's based on a William James theme, and here's a bit of trivia: LeGuin came up with the name when she saw Salem, Oregon in her rear-view mirror.

    It's a story that really shook me up when I first read it. See if you can understand why I am quoting it in relation to the religious neglect of children.

    Children's Healthcare is a Legal Duty, Inc.

    The site for Medecins sans Frontieres (UK) is here;
    Their youtube channel is here;

    Doctors Without Borders (the same charity) is here;

    The firstgiving site is here;
    The page from which to make donations is here;

    The just giving site is here;
    The donation site for justgiving:

    Part Two.

    I need to respond to some comments on the original video. I don't think I got the point across to liberal Christians who don't feel responsible for the actions of Biblical literalists.

    Voluntary allegiance comes with responsibility. Will you accept the death of children in the name of God, according to scriptural doctrine, or will you choose to seek out a faith that doesn't ask for the blood sacrifice of innocents? It's in your hands to choose.

    I'm not saying Christians are evil. Most Christians are good people, excellent parents, intellectual and honest. They love God and their fellow man. But the same scripture they draw their moral code from also allows for great atrocity. Should we just accept the good with the bad, or seek out a new code?

    Our ignorance is not so vast as our failure to use what we know. ~ M. King Hubbert

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    Very interesting. And I agree with a lot of it.
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