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Thread: Anyone Else a Buffy Fan?

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    Loved this show! As soon as I finish cycling through the Star Trek shows (in the middle of TNG now), I need to watch Buffy again. I wish they would do a reboot of it, along the lines of Diary of Demon Hunting Soccer Mom (which was clearly inspired by Buffy in the first place).
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    Ahautenites, I'm torn on the idea of rebooting BtVS. I had a thought about how it would work if they updated it to be more modern, since cell phones and such weren't nearly as widespread/a thing when it first aired. I'm not sure if that'd work. Maybe if they just didn't do that, it'd work, but I don't know if it would attract anyone besides people who are already fans. I haven't seen Diary of Demon Hunting Soccer Mom, so I can't comment WRT that. What are your thoughts?

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    Ahautenites, are you familiar with the comics?
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    No no no no no no to a reboot. So not needed.

    Now I wouldn't be opposed to something in the same universe, modern day. I haven't read the comics but have wondered how that universe adjusted to the sudden influx of slayers.
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    myself I would want to see if not a reboot,, (quick note on reboot, if they did do a reboot it should be an alternative universe reboot so everything happens but differently ).

    a sequel,, buffy the mother of a slayer,, , somehow the vampires grow oldish looking due to a magic spell (to say why spike and angel look old , dont' forget that old looking vampire in the submarine , ) and guiles is king of the watchers.
    forget that season 8 , 9 comics,, we want to see It done in real life. , so they wouldn't be cannon is how I would write it.
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