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Thread: Spiders Keep Showing Up

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    Spiders Keep Showing Up

    Over the last few days I have noticed spiders showing up a lot where I will see them. In fact, two showed up today (Wolf Spiders) that I had my husband catch and put outside. I feel like they might be a Totem/Power animal for me (I'm not really clear on how to tell the difference). The thing is, I'm actually rather frightened of spiders. I can't stand being in the room with them.

    Has anyone ever had a Totem/Power animal that they had a phobia of? If so, how did they deal with it?

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    I too am afraid of spiders,(if all else fails,....leave home) haha
    we are being taught to face our fears now, overcome them!
    feel that like mine, your phobia could have come from a past life in Egypt!:fpraise:
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    In Italian lore, the spider is representative of an ancestor. Given the time period, you may be visited by ancestors giving you messages or blessings, etc...

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    I used to have Spider as a shadow, I think. Then I told her once that I was willing to acknowledge and respect her right to exist, and that if she didn't harm me, I wouldn't harm her.

    It worked. I virtually never see spiders now, and generally speaking when I do, I'm not afraid of them. I also tend to see the nastier kind, if they're nearby, before they actually get a chance to bite me.

    Spider might be trying to tell you something, relative to her particular correspondences. She might also be trying to get you to work through having her as a shadow, as well. She is used to being a shadow totem, as she is for a lot of people, and she tends to use exposure as a means of getting you to reconcile with her.

    Truthfully I think Dog is my primary shadow now, to be honest. It's not so much a phobia, but I really don't like dogs much.
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    -- Chapter 13, The
    Brihad Nila Tantra.

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    If you're afraid of Spider it sounds like a shadow totem / guide situation.

    Do some research on real spiders and also on the myths and legends surrounding them. The message Spider is trying to convey will be clear to you.

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    Spiders = me screaming.

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    What a coincidence, there was a spider in my hall today too. Pretty big one.
    Mom wanted me to kill it or I wouldn't get any diner, lol.

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    If the spirit or daímôn of a particular creature, such as a spider or butterfly, shows up and you wonder if it has a special connection to you, just ask for it to show more evidence. They will definitely make synchronicities occur. As for me, the dragonflies appear everywhere; in real life and in imagery or text if I ask.

    When you enter into a relationship with the spirit of a particular creature, you can call it something like Spider, Butterfly, et cetera. I call mine by its Greek terminology.



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