The good news is that I'm crafting and making art again. Since I mainly work with beads, fabric scraps, found papers and images, and altered objects, it was cheap and easy to build up a stock of materials to work with. The bad news is that now I have all these yogurt containers full of bottle caps and shoe boxes full of recycled denim scraps and altoids tins, and even when they're neatly organized on the shelves, it still looks cluttered because of all the boxes and small containers. I need to organize my organizers! The "overflow" from my bedroom work area gets stored in the living room, on the same shelves that store the kids's odd-shaped board games. Everything's kept tidy in its place, but because of all the weird boxes and containers, it still looks cluttered.

I would be overjoyed at any suggestions to help me those shelves. (My workspace and the living room book cases can use some help, too, but I'm starting with that set of shelves.)