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Thread: Kind Thoughts Requested

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    Unhappy Kind Thoughts Requested

    I found out earlier today that there was a horrible accident on a major highway near my hometown last night. Two very good people were killed in a gruesome way. One person was my homeroom teacher last year (he was also a math teacher and track coach at my high school). The other was his wife. Apparently, they had been sweethearts since 8th grade. Although they died together, they left behind two children, both of college age. Their daughter was a good friend of mine and also a beautiful person. She was salutatorian of my class (quite a feat, considering there were 520+ people in my graduating class) and was just generally a good kid. Her parents were both 49.

    Horrible things should NOT happen to wonderful people like these. My friend Alison is orphaned at the age of 18. She just started college a few hours from home and she is still being made to take her final exams this week. Christmas is coming up (this was a christian family) and it's going to be a rough time for them all.

    If you could, please spare some energy or a kind thought for Alison, her brother, and her family, especially in light of the season.

    Thanks very much.
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    would you find yourself--
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    what if all the world's inside of your head
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    Oh, what a terrible situation! My heart goes out to their children and family. May they find comfort in each other and those that love them.

    I pray that your teacher and his wife are at peace, wherever they may be.
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    That is so sad. My prayers are for the living and the loved ones who passed.........and for you too, Psyche Ague, for being so compassionate.

    Thank You, CloakofStars9 and WynnJera for the beautiful banners!

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    may the Mother comfort the children...
    my heart goes out for them..
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    Oh goodness..

    (((((((((Psyche, friend & family)))))))))

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    Oh my, this is very sad... warm hugs and universal energy to all..

    (((((((((Psyche, friend & family)))))))))
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    Oh so sad to hear news like this. Love & compassion for those left behind.
    ((((((Psyche, friend & family)))))))))
    I live in my own world..fortunately you all know me here.
    (((Hugs))) & to all

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    I will remember your friends in my prayers and I will send energies as well to the ones left behind.
    ((((Psyche Ague))))

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