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Thread: New Gods Born?

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    Yes, I do think that there are new deities coming into being in the modern day. I believe that for the most part, deities exist in the Otherworlds independently of humans, and that sometimes it's a matter of deities that have always been there, but are only now coming into human awareness. I think sometimes existing entities and mythological figures become deified through human belief and worship, through the belief and worship of their own (non human) people, or by virtue of other deities who induct them into their ranks. Sometimes an entity will be 'born' along with a new phenonenom of the physical world - a new disease, changing climate conditions, a new geological feature, etc - and will quickly evolve into a deity form. Sometimes an existing entity (land wight, ancestor, angel, Demon, etin, elemental, whatever) evolves or climbs up the 'corporate ladder' so to speak, and reaches a rank that places it at a level with deities, and thus becomes a deity almost by default.

    I also believe that a certain amount of human belief and reverence will create a collective egregore that becomes deified, thus allowing for the possibility that figures of current popular culture and fiction may one day become new deities. I think this process takes many thousands of people over a number of generations though, and requires a certain amount of reverence or belief in the figure's divinity rather than just popularity and adoration.

    While I do believe that we all have a Divine spark within us, and are all 'gods' within our own right, I don't think that we are 'deities' in the same way that the gods and goddesses of religion and mythology are. I don't think that deities are a race of being, but more like a class or rank of being, which is why we have gods from different races and species who are considered equals. I don't think that deities are only revered and worshipped by humans (though we as a species do seem particularly predisposed toward worshipping external beings that we consider superior to ourselves) thus my belief that they exist independently of us. While we have the power to 'create' a deity through our collective belief and reverence, I believe the deities aren't dependent on our belief to exist, and will continue existing whether humans think they do or not. Their power in our world may wax or wane depending on our belief and reverence, but their power in their own world isn't dictated by us.
    I wanted to say, really great post, I also agree that deities are independent of whether humans believe in them or not, and that goes for new deities too.
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    OMGs the notalgia!

    I can't believe some of the guff I used to say

    But to the point, some data very relevant the original question
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    There is a relevance issue with gods. For instance Christianity was the defining force of politics and personal lives in the western world for a long time. Europe is largely secular and the number of practicing Christians in the US, Canada, Australia, etc continue to fall. Santoshi Mata is a rare example of a diety who directly address a situation and the needs of people. Until there is a significant shift in the western world there will not be any new gods. Perhaps a resurgence or reinvention.

    On another tact there was a short lived discussion here about deities or lesser forms arising out of a natural place or tied to one long ago here. Something about guardians, I think. There certainly are plenty of mounds, springs, valleys, and other features that aren't gods in the usual sense but have divine associations. Forming deities in our image does remove nature as a force or presence.

    I went to Mt. Shasta headwaters once and joined a whole variety of people getting water with some level of reverence. A clearly vacationing family from middle class, a new age woman, a man in cowboy boots who looked like he actually put them in stirrups, me the pagan, and some others. That water had different means for all of us, true. But there was something special about the place and the idea for all of us.
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