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Thread: Making a bindrune, for the first time!

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    Making a bindrune, for the first time!

    Hello everyone, I am making a bindrune for the first time now.

    But I have a few questions.

    I want to make a bindrune of these runes; Algiz, Uruz, and Sowilo.

    For general protection, physical and mental strenght, and Sowilo to add more power to it.

    Could this be done, I mean they dont contradict eachother?

    What are some ways to empower the bindrunes, I was thinking to empower them with their elements, or maybe just my own element, which is fire.

    Any other things I should know?

    *Blessed Be*

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    I guess a way to rephrase what you're asking is: what runes should not be put together?

    I'd also be interested to know.
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    Depending on the application, there's no combination that's inherently impossible. Even runes that directly contradict each other can be made to "cycle." It's true, though, that a bindrune isn't a sigil. It's often possible for another runesmith to identify the individual runes used, and therefore deduce a bindrune's purpose. They're often hidden, therefore, in other designs. Runes do not "reverse" in the sense of a tarot card, so they can be written upside down or backwards if the runesmith desires a symmetrical or pallandromic bindrune.

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    The Norse don't seem to have been big on elemental magic

    Any such thing looks like a later inovation, so this leaves the matter entirely to your discretion

    It's not a combination I would use

    I can't see any way of using the the numerical values to reinforce
    each other [in my binds I will usually try use the numbers so the runes are multiples of each other, for instance I would put in 4 A's to balance an S giving 4 X 4 = 16] and graphically the only one with an intersection to use as a center point to use is Algiz. I would prefer to use D,G or the younger futhark H for that as I favour binds that look like wheels

    But to each their own

    I basically work from the possibilities of runes themsleves and then see what the ideas implicit in such a bind are
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    In the right context, I believe any rune might be used with any other - though, I'll admit, I use certain combinations more often than others.

    For what it's worth, here is my advice (and, please note, it is given entirely in terms of Elder Futhark runes). I wouldn't use sowulo just to make a bindrune more powerful. The runes are powerful enough archetypes without needing any sort of boost. If something isn't entirely necessary, it's best not to use it. In this case, just by way of example, you might end up with a bindrune that protects you more in the day than at night (because of sowulo's association with the sun and solar energy).

    Algiz is excellent for protection, and you probably want to consider making it the most central element (though, naturally, it will depend on your particular situation). You might consider adding tiwaz (providing you wish strength for a just cause) to this. Another option might be ehwaz if you are wishing more for endurance than raw strength. As for mental strength, it again depends on exactly what you mean. If you want mental agility or clarity of thought, consider ansuz. If you want emotional strength or hope, consider laguz or wunjo. I would only use urox (uruz, ur) if you want strength for a particular trial or to fight a recurring difficulty in your life. I wanted to share these thoughts, but don't forget (just as with the use of runes in general) that it's very subjective - meant much more as advice than instruction.

    Also, as a side note, my understanding is that ancient Norse magical practices did involve elemental magic. I have a couple of books that refer to the elemental values of the four directions (Nordhri/ice or earth, Austri/air, Sudhri/fire, and Vestri/water) and that refer to certain areas of the World Ash as having elemental associations. Vanaheim is often associated with water, as is Muspelheim with fire. Though the connections don't seem to be as strong, Asgard and Niflheim are associated with air (because the former is at the top of the tree and the latter is a world of mist) and Jotunheim and Hel are associated with earth or ice (the former because of the frost giants who live there and the latter because of its position near the roots of the tree). My sources, however, are mostly modern authors and, except for the Vanaheim/water and Muspelheim/fire connection, I can't find any evidence from primary documents or archaeological papers. If my assumptions about Norse use of elements is in error, however - or if the modern authors are over-emphasizing obscure data - I'd welcome clarification and more information.
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    Norse magic does have an analog to the Greek Elements, but they only acknowledge three. Fire and air are considered the same element. Also, in Norse magic, all magical energy comes from the North. The other directions serve to define Space, but do not contribute any power.



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