anyways yeah magnets are the coolest thing ever like whoah neat first first you try to push em together and they wont go and you try and you try and one of slips out of your hand and shoots clear across the room so get your lazy ass up off the chair go get it and then they stick together and you cant for the life of you pull them apart . .. and your like well you suck . . . that all its ok . . . and maybe I think about how to make guns from them including lots of electricity . . . and then some times I try and try like hell to fix stuff with them like prepetual motion devises and such using things simalar to guns but its a good thing really woot . .. yeah now gimme a cool job so I can be not bored. muhh huh hah hah ha . . . shh I mean uhh yessir uhh huh ok no muhh huh hah ahh ah h but instead uhh here I have this thingie and it could save alot of time and money yeah so uhh build it now or else Uhh I mean please and thank you for investing in my not crazy ideas . . . and kinda ignoring my not insain sess yes . . . you will build it . .. you want to build it yes we can woo hell yeah yeahh wooo hurahh . ..