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Thread: Herbs for protection?

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    Hey guys and gals.
    Does anyone have any ideas of herbs that can be made into a tea for protection, either from negative spirits/entities or protection in general?
    I don't know about teas, but I specialize in making herb amulets and sachets. There are several very good herbs and plants for protection, ranging from basil, bay, pine, cedar, dragon's blood, and daisies (daisies are mostly for young children, however) to aloe vera, snapdragons and, used in the right context, orchids and rose-hips.

    In terms of teas... it's not too far out of my comfort area, so I feel relatively confident in recommending this recipe for you in particular. It's pretty much precisely what I would put in an herb amulet, only slightly more edible.

    Rose-hips, spearmint, lavender, wintergreen leaves, dried honeysuckle (not oodles), and a good helping of lemon peel.

    I can customize a more complex sachet/amulet recipe for you if you like - I intend to open an online shop doing much the same thing, so the practice certainly wouldn't be unwanted! It wouldn't necessarily be suitable for making teas or ingesting, however.
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