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Thread: What's On Your Mind - Part 2

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    I am taking a bit of a breather!

    Oh yeah. The sister-in-law is a piece of work, no doubt. She doesn't come near me though. My MIL can't even chat to me over the phone when she is visiting be cause she needs to have her mothers undivided attention. I think she senses that her parents like me more than they like her.
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    Your SIL sounds like my sister. Except when I'm talking, my mother will automatically ignore me and pay attention to the little... tramp... instead of me. I'm not the golden child, the tramp is. *eye roll*

    Taking a break is just what you need sometimes. I'm taking one from writing, but not editing, once this WIP's first draft is out of the way, or summer vacation hits, whatever comes first. Summer is editing time for the one I finished only a couple of weeks ago. I hope to have that off to the beta team before the first of August, for their enjoyment. Or dismay. I'm not sure if that one will be sent to my publisher or not. I do hope this current WIP is good enough for them though... There's reasoning behind it... I'll share if they decide to publish it.

    My book is up for preorder on Amazons around the globe now, including the Australian one... It may be easier to get it that way.

    I set fire to the keyboard again today... Over 3500 words added so far. I finished Chapter Five and I'm now partway into Chapter Six. I hope to work after the guys crash later tonight, if I can stay awake. I want to, I hate stopping when I'm on a roll like I am now.

    So far, I've had a 6K week. Not bad for only seven hours of writing time.

    Has anyone seen my brain?
    "Writing is as vital to me as breathing. Without it, I wouldn't be living, only exisiting." ~ Me


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    Holy cats! I don't know if I could write that much if you asked me for my opinion on a variety of controversial topics and handed me infinite espresso! Way to go! =D

    I'm poking around MW after quite a long break, and looking into Heathen/Asatru groups in my area (with, uh, remarkably little success).
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