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Sounds like a jam packed to do list! I hope the event works out well for you---you'll have to let us know how it goes!
Thanks faye! So far so good! Two days in, and we're getting some traffic. I'm having a blast deciding what to post next... I admit, it's rough doing something like this with only one book out. However, you don't have to do just excerpts or the blurb. I showcased a character interview that I did for a fellow author's blog (she and I knew each other LONG before we got on with the same publisher - I got on first, then she got on a year later), and a few other unusual things. You can do character profiles, and I'm doing the ones for the mains on Sunday. You can do up to five posts per day, but if you don't want to do that many, it's okay to do as little as 2. Just spread them out a bit, so people from all over see them.

My publisher, and the five of us authors from there who are participating, have dominated the party so far. We're garnering a *lot* of interest in everyone who is published with them, and hopefully gaining a few new fans along the way.

My only complaint is that my wish list for books at my publisher's site has grown a LOT over the last few days. There are so many sweet and ultra-talented people working for them... I'm overwhelmed with all of the kindness, support, and fun I've been having since I came out of my shell (thanks to my longtime pal who yanked me out of it). I've been told I was one of the most supportive authors on there, and everyone likes how I'm always ready to help promote someone else.

The more I come out of my shyness shell, the more I want to promote people. I've started hosting blog tours. Not many, but I'm slowly working toward becoming a "Master Host" for one of the bigger known blog tour companies. My longtime pal who also writes for my publisher is an MH with them, so why not? It's fun, and it gives everyone publicity somehow. Win-win!

The banners/collages are a hit by the way. If anyone knows where my blog is located, I have an entry up from today showcasing them. I also have a new background there too, my signature so to speak.

I'd better shut up and get back to it. These revisions on the novella are not going to do themselves!