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Thread: What Are You Feeling Right Now - Part 2

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    pretty nervous/excited.. just did a bit of magic freezer spell... haven't done much spell work in a long time!
    [SIGPIC] Kim

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    Persecuted by those using fake lines and coincidences who should NEVER have had access to my private info let alone a GOV job... undercover much Hughes mistake?

    ♥ Love and Light☮☼

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    Hangover Struggling with this daaaaamn. That's my usual medicine -
    Hangover cures;
    1 Don't drink
    2 Don't stop drinking

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    There's a slew of emotions running through me right now.

    Mentally exhausted - I edited my 59K soon to be book.
    Sore - eyestrain, I need my glasses prescription updated soon.
    Excited - my first book is coming out soon.
    Shocked - because my editor at my publisher loved my story, as did everyone else there who read it.
    Nervous - I've never been published before.
    Worried - that my book will flop.


    Accomplished - five years of working on that story are finally paying off. Five years of writing, edits, rejections, rewrites, a title change, a full rewrite and complete revamp, more edits, more revisions, going nuts getting the right "hook", and finally submitting it to a west coast publisher on a whim with a last minute name change... Which all got me a contract finally.

    I think that's it.

    I think.

    "The road to hell is paved with adverbs." - Stephen King.

    "If a book has my name on it, I wrote it. Every word of it." ~Nora Roberts.

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    I feel happy now. I can say that even I like to play sometimes. Of course, most of the times it's some sports bets on
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