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    DracoJesi's Poems

    I thought that since I've been a part of this community for years now, it's bout time I posted some poetry.

    I generally do prose instead but I've always loved poetry and I've gotten better at describing the complex things that go on in my head so now I can actually go somewhere with this...



    Her nature like the Moons glow,
    She illuminates the depths below,
    With the awe of a child,
    Her curiosity is anything but mild,
    Like that of a scorpion bite,
    You become paralyzed by her sight,
    There is no need to explain,
    For this is her domain,
    She swims and she swims so well,
    In the sea where the mysteries dwell,
    She moves with grace and beauty,
    Like a dolphin, wild and free,
    And if you're lucky, for a moment you'll see,
    She will jump, and defy gravity.

    I Am a Pentacle

    I Am a Pentacle,
    I Am the all encompassing circle,
    I Am the never ending cycle,
    I Am the five pointed star,
    I Am the eternal womb,
    I Am the primordial seed,
    I Am the masculine force,
    I Am the feminine form,
    I Am the Alpha and Omega,
    I Am the Divine radiance,
    I Am the Universal Conscious,
    I Am the Above and the Below,
    I Am the Inner and the Outer,
    I Am the enduring Earth,
    I Am the intellectual Air,
    I Am the potent Fire,
    I Am the emotional Waters,
    I Am the Spirit which manifests all,
    I Am the matrix of creation,
    I Am the giver of life,
    I Am the dreamer of beauty,

    Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

    Life really is like a box of chocolates,
    The wonders before you are chocolates you can't wait to taste,
    You nervously anticipate the first bite, the start of something new,
    You'll find chocolates you'll love and others, not so much,
    It's easy to be disappointed but do not be,
    Find comfort knowing that now you know better,
    For you now know where your passions lie,
    But never hesitate in a fever of shyness,
    For you will find the chocolates have melted.
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    Absolutely awesome... I LOVE "Her"

    My new poem book, "Brave is the Wind" is here! Click Here

    The vision is for an appointed time, though it tarry,
    wait earnestly for it, it will not be one second late. -- Habakkuk 2:3

    "Love will perfect that which it begins.
    It will not forsake the work of its own hands."

    -- Amy Carmichael

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    I totally second that...............Awesome!
    connected to ISIS!!

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    Well I had allot of inspiration for that one, easiest poem I've ever written.



    They say it's us or them,
    Do not go out on a whim,
    You must be a fool not to see,
    They are not like you and me,
    But the differences between us,
    Are nothing compared to the similarities within us,
    We want, we need, we hurt, we cry,
    We laugh, we love, we fear, we die,
    Isn't love what we need?,
    If you prick me, do I not bleed?,
    We want, we hope, we pray,
    That our suffering will be gone someday,
    We feel, we think, we search to find our way,
    Aren't our differences in how we express this anyway?,
    If we all conformed to the same way of life,
    Would there be any beauty in our preconceived strife?
    To see the wonder of diversity within unity,
    Is that not our common humanity?

    "The vision is for an appointed time, though it tarry,
    wait earnestly for it, it will not be one second late. -- Habakkuk 2:3" <-- Second time today I've heard that.. the first caught my attention with what else was also said... Is it a sign? That second quote you have and what's all going on have me convinced it is.
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    I really like 'Humanity'. I like quite a few lines in it

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    I actually thought you might as I was writing it.
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    Meditations on a Tree

    A tree is like a community
    True community, not like society
    Where differences aren't cause to discrimination
    But an opportunity for education
    Not like that of indoctrination
    but that of communication
    A moment of enlightenment
    Where dissolved is the mystery of the firmament
    As Earth as my witness, I am one with everything
    I awake now not just of my own being
    I awake now with the mind of all
    For I am a cog in this system universal
    I have seen within, so now I truly see
    That which is without is trivial to me
    That which was absolute is now relative
    Possibilities infinite, from the source they are derivative
    Planes beyond knowing, worlds beyond comprehension
    What to make of this mind-boggling definition?
    To Describe what is beyond words, why even try?
    And yet we must do so if we are to fly
    Everything vibrates, nothing is still
    Is all of this at all, even real?
    Changing skies and poetic trees
    Raging desserts and calming seas
    The mundane is a canvas that spirit paints
    What does this say about our fates?
    Is our existence predestined?
    Or is it our actions our fates commend?
    We each have our own talents, a calling
    But through the valley of life how does it go rolling?
    Given many gifts in this life are we
    But what path will we follow? what will it be?
    Remember, a tree is like a community
    And it is in a tree, the answer I see.
    All things come from the source
    All things of form and force
    As day brings the light
    So shall you find darkness in the night
    Do not be afraid of all the darkness
    For without there shall not be consciousness
    Construction and Deconstruction
    They bring all things to fluition
    And yet trivial is the concept of duality
    For it is comprised the two sides unity
    It is from this primordial ebb and flow
    That all things come and all things go
    Existence and non-existence is trivial as well
    How do you escape the cycle you dwell?
    A tree represents this paradoxal circumstance
    Let us look to thee for guidance
    From the trunk all branches come forth
    As the roots are nurtured by mother earth
    It is through her fertile womb
    That the sacred seed of life shall bloom
    Like that of the trunk, one are we
    Yet bridging out in diversity
    Each branch has something to give
    Going on, however it may live
    When it blooms, the whole tree is in bliss
    How can it be any simpler than this?
    If the branches are all the worlds "isms"
    Than why the need for such schisms?
    I am integral to everything and to it I am reborn
    Escape the cycle, why? shall I not be torn?
    I am the branch, I am the tree
    I am one with everything around me
    You cannot deny who you are
    I realize now I have come so far
    For I see through the eyes of Tiphereth
    I am the cycle, I am awake!

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    Happy Birthday Mother Earth

    Today is Mother Earth's birthday,
    We don't know her exact day of birth,
    Like many ladies, she just simply wont say,
    We have an idea, but I dare not tell, especially today,
    But what I can say, is of her merit and mirth,
    For what soul continues on like that of Mother Earth?

    She holds us all in place
    Hugging warmly, passionately grabbing us,
    From the cold depths of outer space,
    Right or wrong, her compassion boundless,
    As she goes on with this embrace,
    No matter how we scar her face,

    Her body she freely gives,
    Treated as a mere object lifeless and cold,
    Throwing things at her, not knowing she lives,
    Ignorant of all the beauty there is to behold,
    This, day after day, night after night she relives,
    And through it all, oh how she forgives,

    Beaten, abused, she goes on,
    Through the night, the coming of dawn,
    Gathering herself through winter, she returns,
    Easily, she could stop our stride,
    As from responsibility we run and hide,
    Yet she stands by us with pride,

    Standing by our side,
    for all time so tomorrow,
    In bliss and sorrow,
    It is her cry when it rains,
    All to often from quivering in pain,
    As we inject poison into her veins,

    I hear your call, I feel your pain,
    Fear not, you do not cry in vain,
    There are others like me, who cherish you,
    Selfless, you are, for us you remain,
    Thus, for today, I beg you to abstain,
    Your love, I cannot compete, nor for you contain.

    Responsibility no, you shall not cry today,
    Weep not, for today is your birthday,
    I invite you, come talk to me,
    I shall not ignore you, others may not see.
    But you, you've taught me to live in the moment.
    So to you each moment I freely give, ask what you will of thee.

    With excitement and passion undaunted I say.
    Oh Mother, Happy Birthday!

    Gift of Feeling

    When you cry, whether joy or pain is dealt,
    Remember it is through a gift you felt,
    Whether revelation or time to heal,
    Cherish that which is given, the ability to feel,
    And know, pain or sorrow,
    You will get to feel tomorrow,

    Grandfather's Clock

    My grandfather was well known,
    To be able fix anything and of things homegrown,
    Moving with ease thought to thought,
    In his mind, no objective confusion was wrought,
    With fluid motion he carried his weight,
    And for his teaching did I earnestly await,

    And he'd tell me,
    Look, what do you see?
    Many parts in this system are there,
    Different sizes, shapes, variance everywhere,
    Some gears do less, some do more,
    Remove but one, working nevermore,

    Things in life may seem complex
    But keep simple, your mental muscle you'll flex
    For in life, it's the simple things that are most profound,
    And it's with these you shall find yourself most confound,
    Don't lose your self in that which is composited,
    It is from the simple things they are manifested,

    And don't let yourself be bothered by the different,
    Not only each other do they compliment,
    But one to the other they balance,
    Knowing this, you know the lesson of temperance,
    And the law that drives the pendulums dance,
    Through the movement all things are given a chance,

    Because all things from simple things come,
    Though educated in all things, not enough time to become,
    If you look for the concepts in a school of thought,
    The keys to many doors have you just sought,
    Look for the laws that govern all things big or small,
    Do this and you shall understand it all,

    And through perception a moment does seem,
    A fleeting thing, yet a life it can redeem,
    Time is mighty, yet a slave to awareness,
    Look to the moment and it's power you harness,
    A universe in itself, so much under the surface,
    See what is hidden and you shall feel ageless,

    Here is where the gear-train of passion lies,
    The essence of everything shall you realize,
    And to everything, time allows to take it's course,
    Through which is felt rhythm, the Pendulums driving force,
    And just as for every tick is there a tock,
    For every inhale, an exhale, the beating of the clock,

    Though things fall, and the clock you must rewind,
    The worries of time you shall leave behind,
    And knowing with time, soon you'll go, the secrets you bind,
    All that you can to a young fertile mind,
    This clock, foreign to me, though simple it be,
    Gears properly placed, like that which he put in me,

    The clock lives, his legacy chimes,
    I'll attempt to transcribe it in rhyme,
    In bewilderment comes the passion, I yearn,
    Yet many things I still have to learn,
    Because while of many things, we'd sit and talk,
    Just now did it click, I'm my grandfathers clock,

    I am my grandfathers clock,
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    The Child's Awe

    The fruit of life is the child's awe,
    Listen closely, the secret law,
    Inebriated, of things big and small,
    The explorer, seeking it all,

    Carefree, whimsical and true,
    To life's everlasting virtue,
    Aware, so vividly seeing,
    The divine essence of our being,
    worries none, unbridled passion flows,
    Listen closely, for the child knows,

    Totally lost, in playful contemplation,
    Exhilaration, the hearts rhythmic elevation,
    By existence, bewildered completely,
    So overwhelmed, senses on fire,
    To get lost in it all is the desire,

    Look within and you shall be told,
    The new preserves the mysteries of old,
    The Spirit is a drop in the fountain of creation,
    And you, you are the result of Divine inspiration,
    The melody from which all melodies come,
    The beating heart of the ecstatic drum.

    Her Eyes

    Captivated, looking into her eyes,
    Forget all else, I see the reflection of all,
    An inner artistic spark, creativity flies,
    And flight is the gift for those willing to fall,

    It's true, she's gonna get me in trouble,
    But she makes me feel oh so young,
    That's what happens when bass meets treble,
    She leaves a song that must be sung,

    Others pass her by, seeing but coal,
    Commonplace, rough and unpolished,
    They see a situation, not the struggle,
    I see a brilliant, sacred stone, to be cherished,

    All good things come to an end they say,
    In this world, I'm afraid it must be true,
    For not long after we met, she was taken away,
    We drifted apart, but that wasn't it, I knew,

    And again we did meet, and I saw again,
    All that I once did within her eyes,
    No, many things end but some forever remain,
    Many things come and go but love never dies,

    But the cost of love is sensitivity to pain,
    She was in deep thought, something wasn't right,
    How can she not know that in my sight it's plain
    Overjoyed to see her, yet how i worried that night

    Long ago, she was able to tell me anything,
    No fear, of judgment, only compassion,
    How could I scold?, seeing her inner self crying,
    What else to do?, understanding her reaction,

    She would tell me, no need to ask,
    Out of nowhere, what troubles her so,
    Knowing I'd be there, why need of a mask?
    It's of no use, I see through it, I know,

    But these days, I am left in the dark,
    Feeling hopeless, falling apart,
    She hurts I know, I still see the mark,
    How can it heal, how can she start?

    To show her, I want nothing more,
    All the potential inside, her essence,
    But it is up to her to unlock the door,
    She alone, must travel the distance,

    No help of mine can ever be enough,
    I must be a fool, as I desperately try,
    I know who she is, she'll make it, she's tough.
    I've seen beauty and yet I still cry,

    I am chained, torment inside me,
    A painful vision, that I disguise,
    Because she never got to see,
    Herself, through my eyes,

    O'let not the flame die out

    Closed are wisdoms lips,
    Her words, the lesson of silence,
    From the ear of understanding one sips,
    The knowledge to see eminence,

    In obscurity, the teaching enshrined,
    The temples doors, locked without the key,
    For there is persecution among the blind,
    And the heretic knows the art of secrecy,

    On continues the shadow tradition,
    Looked after by ministers of love,
    The Oath they take, drawn attention,
    Burned at the stake, in the name above,

    My breath, you have taken,
    In, your rage infernal,
    But you are forgiven,
    For I am eternal,

    For an ever-shining flame have I found,
    The torch of the mysteries lies within,
    To it's service forever am I bound,
    Passed by birthright, it starts again,

    The calling of my sacred oath,
    The light of which mystery is fed,
    Ensuring it's nourishment and growth,
    Illuminating the path, the traveler is led,

    Oh! Look, what I've done!
    Embers of awareness, fallen in place,
    Spirits set ablaze, every one,
    Luminescence shown, rekindled grace,

    Of the path, I am not the first,
    It is also true, I am not the last,
    Nothing else will quench the thirst,
    It is only the veil they must look past

    Oh, ministers of pure love shout,
    O'let not the flame die out!

    Pagan Blood

    They see me, but a heathen,
    Tainted, a foul sinister thing,
    Destined to burn, unworthy of heaven,
    If only they heard what nature does sing,

    They say worship not creation,
    The creator alone, is worthy of praise,
    But understand, I make no distinction,
    Nor of the worth of our two ways,

    Perhaps someday, you will know me,
    Until then no animosity do you need,
    Unjustified worry, just let me be free,
    For I am of a dying breed,

    And if I should ever find,
    Among you, one who is called,
    Whom understands the Pagan mind,
    Your God shall be known, be not appalled,

    I wish you no harm, we are kin,
    Pagan blood courses in my veins,
    Saved?, yes, it's to late to begin,
    For nature's song, in my heart reins,

    It is true, blood runs deep,
    Of Earth, Air, Fire and Water,
    As Spirit's essence does it keep,
    Of all, my blood touches each corner,

    From the one to the many,
    And the many from the one,
    which in all, there is plenty,
    The sacred dance can not be undone,

    Through the cycle I'll live, and die,
    And as the wheel turns I'll be reborn,
    The Great Spirit does not live in the sky,
    Death is the harvest, I am the corn,

    I am a fish in a mighty ocean,
    I feel the waters, and do not aimlessly float,
    Energized, I swim with much devotion,
    Within the seed of the Sabbath Goat,

    My spark but an emanation,
    My heartbeat, but an echo,
    I see, I hear, through complication,
    All of this, do I know,

    All by virtue of my Pagan blood,
    Tsalagi Nvwoti Didahnvwesgi Ale Didahnesesgi
    (Cherokee medicine practitioner of left and right hand paths) - The Anikutani Tradition



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